HME Business June 2012

June 2012

In this issue:

    Competitive Bidding - Weighing the Options
    MSO's - Increasing Your Team’s Expertise
    Accreditation - Turning Compliance on a Dime
    Rental Mobility - Fine Tuning Mobility Rental
    Orthotics & Prosthetics - A Likely Expansion Opportunity
    Mergers & Acquisitions: Buying - Making the Right Buy
    POCs - Taking Oxygen on the Road
    Medicare Audits - Building a Rapid Response System
    Government Affairs - Forging Advocacy Ambassadors
    Diabetic Footwear - A Foothold in Building Patient Relationships
    Bed Safety - Ensuring a Sound, Safe Sleep
    Cash Sales Merchandising - Showcasing Your Wares
    Training - Turning up the Talent on the Team
    Home Access - Rising to the Occasion
    Mergers & Acquisitions: Selling - Managing Great Expectations
    CPMs - Getting Your Foot in the Door
    Software Audit Tools - The Right Tool for the Job
    Support Surface - Keeping Careful Watch
    Software Automation - Keeping in Constant Contact
    Compression - Ensuing Patients Get a Good Fit
    Tips for Transitioning to Mobility's 'New Environment'
    Leveraging Social Media

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10 Retail Best Practices for HME Providers

Enact a plan that gets customers through your store to buy products that meet their particular needs.

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