HME Business February 2012

February 2012

In this issue:

  • Business Solutions
    Round Two Reality Check
    The bidding window for Round Two opens this month, and providers must ensure they have a well thought-out strategy to stand even a ghost of a chance at getting a contract offer. How should they prepare while still fighting to stop NCB?
  • Product & Technology
    Software and Audits
    Since the start of 2011, providers have been fending off a relentless onslaught of pre- and post-payment audits on Medicare claims. How can technology help them win this war of attrition?
  • Provide Strategy
    Entering Home Accessibility
  • Clinicians Talk
    LTOT Technology Options
  • Product Solutions
    The Latest Beds Offerings
  • HME Inventory
  • Observation Deck
    Your 2012 Sales Plan

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