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Though HME’s transition to more automated billing and management systems started later than other corners of healthcare, providers are increasingly turning to software solutions to manage and optimize their businesses. By automating what were initially manual processes, providers can streamline workflows and, in turn, focus on more valuable tasks that increase growth and revenue. In addition to reducing time-consuming and redundant workflows, software solutions also reduce errors that result in costly and time-consuming claims denials.

HME software has become much more robust, offering comprehensive business solutions, such as delivery, automated scheduling, direct contact with patients through patient portals, and measurement with key performance indicators. Not only are operations more streamlined and automated but much of the available software serves up performance data for actionable business solutions, allowing providers to directly influence and control factors that affect their bottom line. To stay competitive as the industry changes, providers be open to integrating HME software into more and more of their business, whatever their business model may be.

From billing and management software to apps that update providers in real time, HME Business has rounded up some of the latest software updates and launches on the market:




Wellsky showcasing software solutions for dynamic HME care providers

CareTend, an HME software solution from Wellsky, is capable of managing multi-site operations, complex workflows, and growing patient populations. From a single location, providers can keep tabs on multiple inventory locations and equipment maintenance, repairs and tracking. Billing solutions allow providers to manage Medicare, commercial and private pay sources, autogenerate recertification for physician orders and batch claims creation from one screen. With instant eligibility checks for Medicare and commercial payers, providers can create orders in less time and with fewer errors. With CareTend Anywhere, providers can access the CareTend system from any location and on any device that has an Internet connection.

  • (855) 935-5759

Bonafide Management Systems

Bonafide Management Systems the #1 ERP for DME

Facility Portal

Bonafide Facility Portal helps HMEs tap into a revenue opportunity

The new Facility Portal lets HME providers sell directly to healthcare facilities through an online shopping portal, which is linked to the providers back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems. Nurses and other healthcare workers can create patient profiles, place rental and sale orders, suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm, allow for an approval process and schedule delivery, service and pickup.

  • (805) 777-7666

Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

HDMS Pharmacy

HDMS Pharmacy

HDMS Pharmacy offers multi-faceted e-prescription solutions

HDMS Pharmacy is an e-prescription software that lets providers of total parenteral nutrition (TPN), IV therapy, infusion therapy, compound drugs and standard prescription drugs adjudicate, fill and deliver. The software bills National Council for Prescription Drugs (NCPDP) and ANSI X12 claims, receives and processes electronic prescriptions without leaving the screen, auto-generate ASAP-complaint controlled sub-substance reports, automatically builds and tailors providers’ claim files and house both pharmacy drugs and DME/HME equipment and supplies in one order. Additionally, users can pass compounds to any Baxter machine.

  • (810) 653-5000


Brightree Pharmacy

Brightree Pharmacy

Brightree enhances its pharmacy platform

Brightree Pharmacy is a single platform for clinical, billing and reporting needs, which now includes Care Plans, Test claims and ePrescribe workflows. Care Plans lets providers customize plans of care in accordance with accreditation requirements, and Test Claims assesses reimbursement before patient referrals are accepted and products are delivered. The new ePrescribe feature enables communication in the prescriber’s electronic health record (EHR) workflow to automatically input patient referrals, intake forms and prescriptions.

  • (844) 438-2783

Compliance Team

The Compliance Team 25 Years

Patient Quality Measurement (PQM) Satisfaction Portal

The Compliance Team enhances patient portal

The Compliance Team’s patient satisfaction reporting and benchmarking subscription service, Patient Quality Measurement (PQM) Satisfaction Portal, has added two enhancements to the database: Patient Survey Kiosk and Patient Survey Invite. The Kiosk allows the patient to enter satisfaction survey data at the time of service via an online computer or tablet device at the provider’s location. The Invite allows the provider to send a secure and time-sensitive survey email to each of its patients. The PQM database is free of charge as a value-added benefit to all clients.

  • (215) 654-9110

PlayMaker Health

PlayMaker Edge for HME & Infusion

PlayMaker Edge for HME & Infusion

PlayMaker Unveils Integration System With Brightree

  • Improves visibility and market performance for post-acute care providers, including HME, home health, hospice and infusion providers.
  • Referral data from Brightree is integrated into PlayMaker for more powerful performance analytics.
  • Yields information for strategic decision-making.
  • (866) 930-6847

4tellSoftware, Inc.


4tellDocs Enhanced

4tellDocs Upgrades Documentation Software

  • The Enhanced version provides advanced features from the previous version, Essentials, for managing, streamlining and automating DMEPOS documentation.
  • Includes secure HIPPA compliant data storage, more flexible workflows and reusable common product combinations.
  • Users can end a work session and resume whenever they wish without loss of information.
  • (888) 261-7113

Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

Healthcare Data Management System

HDMS (Healthcare Data Management System) 3.21

Universal Software Solutions Rolls Out Latest Version

  • 3.21 upgrade includes Patient Workspace.
  • The Patient Workspace allows users to add and view patient demographics, access medical documentation, view orders in process and order history and to look at insurance and private pay financials.
  • The upgrade gives healthcare providers access to information as quickly as in-person service demands.
  • (810) 653-5000


Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Brightree Advanced Analytics helps providers make intelligent decisions

With data from its Advanced Analytics platform, Brightree says providers can make smarter and more strategic decisions to grow their business. The comprehensive provider dashboard compiles information to show users important trends, opportunities, actionable information for improved outcomes as well as third-party databases and call center transcripts. Advanced Analytics help users organize their data to help them streamline their workflows, and the platform’s real-time updates help users evaluate their performance and make necessary changes as need arises.

  • (844) 438-2783

Bonafide Management Systems

Bonafide DME Software

Bonafide DME Software

Bonafide Rolls Out Facility Portal Functionality

  • Automates and streamlines the order and delivery process.
  • Providers are able to sell to healthcare facilities through the online shopping portal that is directly linked to their back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems.
  • Nurses can create patient profiles, place rental and sales orders, suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm, allow for an approval process and schedule delivery and pickup and service.
  • (805) 777-7666


Team DME!


TeamDME! Offers Cloud-Based Business Solutions

  • Cloud-based platform that manages provider’s HME business.
  • Features customizable workflow templates, e-eligibility, e-purchasing, e-dropships, EHR, a mobile delivery app and Point of Sale.
  • Designed for hospice, orthotics, prosthetics and custom rehab companies as well as HME providers.
  • (888) 832-6363



NikoHealth Automates HME Workflow

  • Scheduling solution lets providers automate resource scheduling.
  • Manages inventory, payment collection, documentation and delivery processes on any tablet or mobile device.
  • Generates reports on patient and order information and accounts receivable to sales numbers.

Computers Unlimited

TIMS Mobile App

TIMS Software

TIMS Software Offers New Mobile App

  • Supports HME businesses throughout the revenue cycle.
  • The new TIMS Delivery app updates in real-time as all data is immediately gathered, stored and reportable.
  • TIMS Scheduler manages delivery schedules, assigns break times and limits on re-sequencing deliveries, optimizes transportation routes to avoid traffic and captures arrival and departure times.
  • (406) 255-9500

Prochant Inc.


Prochant – Proactive Revenue Cycle Management

Prochant Offers Full Service Billing Management

  • Confirmation of insurance billable orders and detailed QU of documentation.
  • Daily review of billing prior to submission and working all claim rejections.
  • Includes daily, weekly, and monthly KPI reports.
  • (888) 349-9015

Noble House

Noble House

Noble*Direct v11

Noble House Launches Suite of New Features

  • Integrated patient flow control software, enhanced security and patient eligibility using an SQL database.
  • Same or Similar (SoS) feature allows providers to check if a patient has received equipment.
  • Noble Trax feature allows providers to tack and monitor their deliveries by driver.
  • (800) 749-6700

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