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Though HME’s transition to more automated billing and management systems started later than other corners of healthcare, providers are increasingly turning to software solutions to manage and optimize their businesses. By automating what were initially manual processes, providers can streamline workflows and, in turn, focus on more valuable tasks that increase growth and revenue. In addition to reducing time-consuming and redundant workflows, software solutions also reduce errors that result in costly and time-consuming claims denials.

HME software has become much more robust, offering comprehensive business solutions, such as delivery, automated scheduling, direct contact with patients through patient portals, and measurement with key performance indicators. Not only are operations more streamlined and automated but much of the available software serves up performance data for actionable business solutions, allowing providers to directly influence and control factors that affect their bottom line. To stay competitive as the industry changes, providers be open to integrating HME software into more and more of their business, whatever their business model may be.

From billing and management software to apps that update providers in real time, HME Business has rounded up some of the latest software updates and launches on the market:

Prochant Inc.


Prochant Analytics

Analytics software allows providers to double down on revenue cycle management

Prochant Analytics is a software-agnostic dashboard tool from Prochant, an HME billing and process outsourcing company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The platform presents a provider’s data using industry-standard key performance indicators for revenue cycle management and includes historical trending, benchmarks, and the ability to drill down fully into the underlying data. The company also offers full-service billing solutions to take over all insurance billing or staff augmentation solutions to outsource some services.

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Computers Unlimited

TIMS Software

TIMS Software

A complete Revenue Cycle Management solution for HME

TIMS Software is a total revenue cycle management solution for HME/DME providers. The integrated billing system is entirely customizable, making it easier for staff to request missing documentation and set automated tasks. It offers revenue-qualifying patient intake, document management, compliancecentric workflows, A/R collections worklists, inventory management, mobile delivery, business intelligence, and much more. Developed by Computers Unlimited in Billings, Montana, TIMS backs its users with US-based support, available 24 hours a day.

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HME software streamlines billing, order processing and inventory management

QS/1’s SystemOne helps HME/DME businesses and pharmacies remain relevant and successful, according to the company. SystemOne’s modular design lets providers select only the functionality they need and add as the business demands. Choose it for processing orders, billing Medicare, Medicaid, and third-parties, filing compliant documentation, managing inventory, and the ability to integrate with pharmacy, point-of-sale, and IVR. QS/1 serves customers with nationwide hardware support, 24/7 customer service, regulatory updates, and ongoing product enhancements.

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PlayMaker Health

PlayMaker Edge for HME & Infusion

PlayMaker Edge

Cloud-based platform designed to assist HME providers in growing business

With the combined power of PlayMaker Health and Brightree, the PlayMaker Edge platform gives HME and Infusion providers in-depth knowledge of the industry through its collection of market data, referral sources and service line expansion opportunities. The integration of Brightree’s cloud-based business software, which help post-acute care companies improve business performance and their patient outcomes, with PlayMaker allows clients to streamline their operations and grow their businesses. The platform offers a variety of reporting features on mobile and web, including sales intelligence, relationship management tools and account segmentation analytics.

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Snapworx LLC



A patient management platform that makes complex decisions with AI, Snapworx is automated from start to finish to help providers of CPAP supplies process and ship reorders without any employee touches. According to the company, 50 percent of reorders go straight to the warehouse without any work from provider staff. SNAP uses data to prioritize who is most likely to order, and more than 33 percent of patients order on their own when they enroll in the SNAP texting platform.

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VGM Market Data

The VGM Group

Market Data 2.0

Market data tools help providers capitalize on opportunities

VGM’s Market Data 2.0 helps providers leverage a comprehensive DME claims database and put their data to work to maximize referrals and identify new growth opportunities. With Market Data 2.0 users can find and evaluate potential new markets by product volume; focus on market intelligence on high-volume physicians by product; and quantify their market potential with state- or county-based market share analysis.

    Noble House

    Noble House


    Noble*Direct v11 offers suite of new features

    The latest version of Noble*Direct, provides a range tools necessary to streamline providers’ daily activities and manage their workflows. Features include Integrated patient flow control software, enhanced security and patient eligibility using an SQL database. A Same or Similar (SoS) feature allows providers to check if a patient has received equipment, and Noble Trax feature allows providers to tack and monitor their deliveries by driver.

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    Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

    HDMS Pharmacy

    HDMS Pharmacy

    Billing software provides both professional and NCPCP claims

    With the release of its HDMS Pharmacy software, Universal Software Solutions aims to help providers of TPN, IV therapy, home infusion therapy and compound and standard prescription drugs efficiently process prescriptions. The software bills both professional claims and NCPCP claims so that pharmacy providers who also supply equipment are able to create one order for all goods and services that are purchased. In addition, the program receives and processes electronic prescriptions via the SureScripts integration, allowing the workflow to continue uninterrupted. Compounds created with its TPN Calculator can be sent to any Baxter machine, and the software also creates an auto-generated ASAP compliance controlled substance report for efficient regulatory compliance.

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    McKesson Medical-Surgical

    McKesson VerbalCare

    McKesson VerbalCare

    Patient communication platform drives efficiency for HMEs

    Regardless of a patient’s location, HMEs can connect with them using McKesson VerbalCare to offer guidance on the path to better health. The cloud-based platform allows businesses to receive resupply orders, obtain sign-offs and customize their communications with each patient without ever needing to set up an appointment or phone call. Thanks to the efficiency provided by the system, providers can spend more time growing referrals and less time following up with patients by phone or in person. In addition, the company says VerbalCare can help maximize the CPAP reimbursement for HMEs.

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    van Halem Group - A Division of VGM Group, Inc.

    the van Halem Group

    HIPAAwise HIPAAcompliance

    Van Halem Group offers special discount on HIPAA-compliance software

    The van Halem Group’s HIPAAwise HIPAAcompliance software helps companies manage a successful HIPAA compliance program in one platform. Contracts executed at the show will receive a 50 percent discount off implementation fee, a savings of more than $375. Also, the company is offering Monthly Compliance Packages designed to augment providers’ existing compliance program and help ensure their program is meeting the expectations of the OIG. Receive 10 percent off the monthly compliance package rate for the first 12 months.

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    Business Management Software

    Business Management Software

    Business management software supports business growth and patient care

    Brightree Business Management Software provides product solutions for every aspect of the home medical equipment business. The suite of services provides modules supporting both business growth and quality patient care. An ePrescribe module allows for seamless information transfer between care providers, while ReSupply and Mobile Delivery modules streamline ordering and delivery processes. The Patient Hub app focuses on increasing patient-provider communication, and Advanced Analytics and Revenue Cycle Management contribute to greater administrative efficiencies and business growth.

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    MedFORCE Technologies Inc.



    Electronic signature tool gives providers complete control over signing process

    Working seamlessly with Medforce’s other document and process management products, SignCenter is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool built specifically for healthcare. Using the tool, signers can mark and sign documents using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen from any web-enabled device. The app allows providers to have complete control over the signing experience, marking where and when documents can be signed. Signers can be notified through a self-expiring link or providers can request a signature in person. In addition, the product records the date, time and IP address of the signer’s device and sends a PDF for download.

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    SoomSafety offers peace of mind regarding medical device recalls

    Soom introduces SoomSafety, an iOS mobile app that lets users and providers scan a medical device and receive instructions for use, safety and recall information directly from the device manufacturer and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). SoomSafety users scan the barcode on a medical device to automatically identify it and store it in the app. Once a device is stored, the app checks for FDA recall information, provides next steps in the event of a recall and pushes notifications if the device is ever recalled.

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    Computers Unlimited

    TIMS Software Computers Unlimited

    TIMS Software

    TIMS Software delivers comprehensive business management software

    TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, is a customizable, comprehensive business management software with both cloud-hosted and traditional on-premises options, including options for monitoring and dispensing oral medications. This system features rule-based and revenue-qualifying patient intake, workflow, document management, A/R collections worklists, ePurchasing, eDrop shipping, asset tracking and rental and inventory management. The newest TIMS Software product is a mobile delivery application that lets providers manage delivery routing and patient payment, and since TIMS Software is an integrated system, all applications work together for optimal compatibility.

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    Breathe offers expanded IDTF diagnostic testing services

    Breathe, an independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) that provides third-party testing for HME providers, has expanded their software program to include capnography testing. HME providers now have the option to provide capnography testing for their clients and referring physicians, allowing them to grow their non-invasive ventilation business. Through Breathe’s app, providers can access their capnography patients on both Apple and Android mobile devices.

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