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Though HME’s transition to more automated billing and management systems started later than other corners of healthcare, providers are increasingly turning to software solutions to manage and optimize their businesses. By automating what were initially manual processes, providers can streamline workflows and, in turn, focus on more valuable tasks that increase growth and revenue. In addition to reducing time-consuming and redundant workflows, software solutions also reduce errors that result in costly and time-consuming claims denials.

HME software has become much more robust, offering comprehensive business solutions, such as delivery, automated scheduling, direct contact with patients through patient portals, and measurement with key performance indicators. Not only are operations more streamlined and automated but much of the available software serves up performance data for actionable business solutions, allowing providers to directly influence and control factors that affect their bottom line. To stay competitive as the industry changes, providers be open to integrating HME software into more and more of their business, whatever their business model may be.

From billing and management software to apps that update providers in real time, HME Business has rounded up some of the latest software updates and launches on the market:

Computers Unlimited

TIMS Software Computers Unlimited

TIMS Patient Subscriptions

Software update helps providers enroll patients in resupply at intake

Computers Unlimited has announced its latest product for HME providers: TIMS Patient Subscriptions. TIMS Patient Subscriptions is designed to give providers an intuitive and easy-to-implement application that lets them enroll their patients in a resupply subscription during the initial intake. This application is fully integrated with all the RCM features TIMS already offers. Key integration points include, easy patient auto enrollment; automated compliance checks (eligibility, utilization, documentation, and authorizations); patient contact options (phone, email, text, or IVR); and auto-generated qualified orders.

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Atlas Enterprise Software

ATLAS Enterprise Software

ATLAS e-Script Portal

e-Script portal gives HME and CRT providers seamless, efficient electronic order processing

ATLAS Enterprise Software’s new ATLAS e-Script Portal facilitates electronic prescriptions for HME and CRT providers. Using a web browser to access the ATLAS e-Script Portal, the referral process can begin and be completed quickly and accurately. The e-Script Portal is also built into ATLAS Enterprise Software at no additional fee to its HME or CRT provider users. The addition of e-Scripts facilitates seamless, efficient, end-to-end order processing management for HME and CRT providers.

    Computers Unlimited

    TIMS Patient Subscriptions

    TIMS Patient Subscriptions

    New software automates and streamlines patient resupply

    CU’s latest software innovation, TIMS Patient Subscriptions, streamlines and automates the patient resupply process. The new application is designed to be easy to setup, intuitive to use, and designed to significantly reduce labor costs. Key integration points include easy patient auto enrollment; automated compliance checks (eligibility, utilization, documentation, and authorizations); patient contact options (phone, email, text, or IVR); and auto-generated qualified orders.

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    Medtech Solutions



    Appoint360 provides a smart, intuitive appointment booking solution to help HME providers schedule appointments faster and more easily. Appoint360 provides customized scheduling page for both DME users and patients to view real-time availability of therapists and location for booking appointments. The system helps both the patient and DME to schedule, confirm and follow up via texting, calling, and emailing, and a single dashboard can track and monitor appointments to gain scheduling insights. This helps provider staff to spend less time managing appointments and instead focus on value-based care.

      van Halem Group - A Division of VGM Group, Inc.

      the van Halem Group

      Compliance Package

      Compliance packages and HIPAA software protect providers

      Medtrade West attendees will receive 10 percent off The van Halem Group’s monthly compliance package rate for the first 12 months. The packages are designed to protect HME businesses from unnecessary compliance issues. Also on display at the Medtrade West show is HIPAAwise, The van Halem Group’s HIPAA compliance software, which offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to help HME companies manage a successful HIPAA compliance program.

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      McKesson Medical-Surgical


      McKesson Biomedical Solutions

      Inventory management services designed to cut providers' costs

      McKesson Biomedical Solutions, an offering of McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc., is a solution to HME providers’ equipment needs, offering rental of infusion, enteral and respiratory devices while providing high-quality services, including preventative maintenance, biomedical equipment repairs, asset management programs and equipment tracking with our McKesson OneTrack technology. Outsourcing these needs helps you reduce capital expenditure, maximize equipment utilization, and stay compliant with equipment repair and service needs, allowing you more time to focus on your business and patient needs.

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      Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

      Universal Software Solutions

      Healthcare Data Management System

      A complete, fully integrated practice management solution

      Universal Software Solutions’ Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) offers a complete, fully integrated practice management solution with complete operational software for post-acute healthcare, specialty pharmacy and home infusion providers. USS also offers StowPoint, a modern content management solution. StowPoint can capture and house all of a provider’s scanned hardcopy documentation, as well as many other formats to create virtual customer files. The company developed its solutions with an eye on helping its clients run successful operations in the healthcare industry.

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      Curasev is a cloud-based management platform to help HME providers streamline their business and better serve their patients. Recently, Curasev partnered with CardConnect to allow for merchant integration and automatic credit card processing and billing. It has also added ERA auto-posting which will let users auto-post payments rather than manually posting them. A companion mobile delivery routing solution app Curapro helps delivery drivers view and change their routes as well as automatically send SMS notifications to patients to allow for smoother delivery processing.

        ATLAS Clinical Evals Software ACES

        ATLAS Clinical Evals Software

        ATLAS Clinical Eval Software ACES

        Single platform for patient mobility evaluations and seamless referrals

        ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES) increases E2D, revenue cycle, and annual revenues to the ATP and provider. With ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES), the ATP can prepare the integrated patient mobility and home evaluations within the software and refer it seamlessly to the therapist’s ACES secured portal. The Therapist can use ACES for clinical mobility evaluations that allows a mobility evaluation to be conducted in person or remotely at the patient’s home. ACES manages the therapist’s report and other necessary documentation that supports the patient mobility equipment to insure it is complete and accurate.

          Prochant Inc.


          Prochant Analytics

          Analytics platform helps transform provider KPIs

          Prochant Analytics is a strategic business intelligence platform for HME and pharmacy revenue cycle management. The platform offers providers a full, holistic view into their most important metrics, including DSO, A/R aging, held revenue, and open orders. With full drill-down ability, historical views, and trend analyses, Prochant Analytics helps providers to transform their KPIs and focus on the solutions need to realize their financial growth.

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          Brightree by ResMed

          Brightree ReSupply

          Automated, yet personalized patient resupply

          • A scalable end-to-end solution to automate supplying patient refills or replacements, while making the process more personalized, transparent and engaging.
          • Helps providers identify resupply opportunities; conduct patient outreach using a multi-method approach; retrieve necessary documentation; fulfill orders; and capture data-driven insights to improve performance.
          • SNAP integration uses AI to help reduce employee touchpoints, while increasing accuracy.
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          Computers Unlimited

          Computers Unlimited TIMS Software

          TIMS Document Management

          Document management system lets providers make the rules

          TIMS Document Management provides the means for HME/DME providers to build and manage form templates, as well as define insurance documentation billing rules on a payer-specific basis for each product line they service. This allows the sites to bring the entire HME/DME medical billing process together — no tribal knowledge required. The system lets providers effectively manage compliance documents with a single dashboard that informs them of documents to work, tasks for which they are responsible, and the ability to research customer accounts.

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          Brightree by ResMed

          Comprehensive Patient Intake

          Patient intake system addresses top issues, speed processes

          Comprehensive Patient Intake, available within the Brightree Business Management Solution, streamlines and shortens the time-intensive intake process. Addressing top HME pain points like incomplete documentation, inefficient workflows and employee training, the tool guides staff through a customized intake process based on their job function and allows users to customize qualification by payer and product. Comprehensive Patient Intake reduces incomplete and inaccurate orders, staff training time, work stoppage and billing errors, while helping providers accelerate payments and develop an upfront policy to get paid faster, regularly.

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          Allegiance Group



          Billing solution drives cash recovery and staff efficiency

          COLLECTPlus offers a secure, compliant, patient-pay billing and collections solution that integrates with providers’ billing software systems to increase their operating efficiency leading to faster cash recovery at a lower cost. The system automates all points in the A/R cycle, and the payment portal offers patient payment and account management options. The system also uses professional domestic call center services, and reputable first- and third-collection agencies, and dedicated Client Success team and Help Desk support.

            PlayMaker Health

            Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports

            Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports

            Real-time data tools help HME sales teams dig deep into local market

            Available inside PlayMaker Health’s Edge platform, Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports convert real-time market data and sales rep performance into actionable insights. Leaders gain total visibility into all sales activities by rep, team, and territory, sales pipeline by month, quarter, and year, and comprehensive account overview by owner, by order. Additional features include the ability to visualize, track, and monitor sales activity and progress by rep, customize, drill-down, and trend multiple accounts and order details, as well as analyze sales performance metrics and target referral sources.

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