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Though HME’s transition to more automated billing and management systems started later than other corners of healthcare, providers are increasingly turning to software solutions to manage and optimize their businesses. By automating what were initially manual processes, providers can streamline workflows and, in turn, focus on more valuable tasks that increase growth and revenue. In addition to reducing time-consuming and redundant workflows, software solutions also reduce errors that result in costly and time-consuming claims denials.

HME software has become much more robust, offering comprehensive business solutions, such as delivery, automated scheduling, direct contact with patients through patient portals, and measurement with key performance indicators. Not only are operations more streamlined and automated but much of the available software serves up performance data for actionable business solutions, allowing providers to directly influence and control factors that affect their bottom line. To stay competitive as the industry changes, providers be open to integrating HME software into more and more of their business, whatever their business model may be.

From billing and management software to apps that update providers in real time, HME Business has rounded up some of the latest software updates and launches on the market:


Brightree by ResMed

Brightree ReSupply

Automated, yet personalized patient resupply

  • A scalable end-to-end solution to automate supplying patient refills or replacements, while making the process more personalized, transparent and engaging.
  • Helps providers identify resupply opportunities; conduct patient outreach using a multi-method approach; retrieve necessary documentation; fulfill orders; and capture data-driven insights to improve performance.
  • SNAP integration uses AI to help reduce employee touchpoints, while increasing accuracy.
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Computers Unlimited

Computers Unlimited TIMS Software

TIMS Document Management

Document management system lets providers make the rules

TIMS Document Management provides the means for HME/DME providers to build and manage form templates, as well as define insurance documentation billing rules on a payer-specific basis for each product line they service. This allows the sites to bring the entire HME/DME medical billing process together — no tribal knowledge required. The system lets providers effectively manage compliance documents with a single dashboard that informs them of documents to work, tasks for which they are responsible, and the ability to research customer accounts.

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Brightree by ResMed

Comprehensive Patient Intake

Patient intake system addresses top issues, speed processes

Comprehensive Patient Intake, available within the Brightree Business Management Solution, streamlines and shortens the time-intensive intake process. Addressing top HME pain points like incomplete documentation, inefficient workflows and employee training, the tool guides staff through a customized intake process based on their job function and allows users to customize qualification by payer and product. Comprehensive Patient Intake reduces incomplete and inaccurate orders, staff training time, work stoppage and billing errors, while helping providers accelerate payments and develop an upfront policy to get paid faster, regularly.

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Allegiance Group



Billing solution drives cash recovery and staff efficiency

COLLECTPlus offers a secure, compliant, patient-pay billing and collections solution that integrates with providers’ billing software systems to increase their operating efficiency leading to faster cash recovery at a lower cost. The system automates all points in the A/R cycle, and the payment portal offers patient payment and account management options. The system also uses professional domestic call center services, and reputable first- and third-collection agencies, and dedicated Client Success team and Help Desk support.

    PlayMaker Health

    Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports

    Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports

    Real-time data tools help HME sales teams dig deep into local market

    Available inside PlayMaker Health’s Edge platform, Edge Sales Management Performance Dashboards and Reports convert real-time market data and sales rep performance into actionable insights. Leaders gain total visibility into all sales activities by rep, team, and territory, sales pipeline by month, quarter, and year, and comprehensive account overview by owner, by order. Additional features include the ability to visualize, track, and monitor sales activity and progress by rep, customize, drill-down, and trend multiple accounts and order details, as well as analyze sales performance metrics and target referral sources.

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    TeleHealth Clinical Evals

    TeleHealth Clinical Evals

    Telehealth Clinical Mobility Evaluations

    Services uses video for remote clinical mobility evals

    Telehealth Clinical Evals’ team of licensed physicians and licensed therapists provide face-to-face clinical mobility evaluation, and PT/OT clinical mobility evaluations via audio and video conference technology. The service specializes in HIPPA-compliant, convenient, and efficient telehealth evaluations for patients needing in-home and facility mobility evaluations. Telehealth Clinical Evals uses custom technology software that automates the evaluation process. Before sending to the provider, the completed evaluation report undergoes a quality review to prevent conflicts. All evaluations come with the attestation that there is no financial relationship with the provider as there is no cost to the provider for this service.

      Atlas Enterprise Software

      ATLAS Enterprise Software

      ATLAS Enterprise Software

      ERP system for HME uses AI to speed orders, operations

      ATLAS Enterprise Software is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology tool for HME and rehab providers. The intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) found in ATLAS Enterprise Software gives processing teams the tools they need to improve order processing and operational efficiencies to generate more revenues in less time. The ERP technology is designed to improve product delivery times, in compliance with payer rules and resulting in faster payments. The ERP is fully integrated as a seamless, cloud system to include all members of the business team.

        Prochant Inc.


        Pharmacy Reimbursement Solutions

        Reimbursement solution manages entire billing function

        Prochant’s pharmacy reimbursement solutions tackle troubling key performance indicators, high staff turnover, reduced reimbursement, and rising labor rates so that providers can focus on caring for their patients and growing their business. Solutions include full-service billing, a suite of services that manage providers’ entire billing function, and process outsourcing, which allows providers to outsource where they need it most. The Prochant team becomes a seamless extension of the provider’s.

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        Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy

        Business Management Solution for Pharmacy

        All in one software solution for HME/DME pharmacies

        Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy is an all-in-one solution that helps HME pharmacies optimize business processes, meet compliance requirements and provide high-quality patient care. The comprehensive suite of solutions brings automation to every step of the pharmacy workflow – from referrals and patient intake through receivables and reporting. It also consolidates HME and pharmacy into one patient record that can capture new patient referrals, prescriptions and eligibility verifications electronically. With HME and pharmacy in one system, the technology streamlines clinical, billing and reporting activities and uses this information to provide accurate business performance data that spans a provider’s entire business.

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        Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

        Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

        Virtual Site Surveys

        Virtual Site Surveys help ensure DMEPOS accreditation renewal

        BOC Virtual Site Surveys leverage technology to enable facility owners to comply with CMS requirements when an in-person visit is not possible, like the present situation due to the pandemic. Virtual Site Surveys take place in real-time, replicating standard procedures. An independent surveyor coordinates an online ‘meeting’ to conduct a virtual tour of the facility. If BOC awards accreditation, an additional in-person site visit will follow as soon as it is safe and possible. BOC virtual surveys also are eligible for BOC’s expedited service, which guarantees a visit from a surveyor within 10 business days.

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        Quality Biomedical

        Quality Biomedical


        Cloud-based system helps provider manage equipment in the field

        Managing a fleet of respiratory equipment – including ventilators, O2 concentrators, humidifiers, etc. — is important, regulated, and expensive. To help providers contend with that challenge, Quality Biomedical developed Q-Connect, a cloud-based equipment service-management platform. Using Q-Connect, Providers of respiratory equipment can easily track PM due dates, request RMA numbers and pick-ups, manage equipment location, view service reports online, and track the status of their equipment as it moves through the service process. Quality Biomedical’s new v.3.0 is faster, offers new features and more intuitive navigation. Integration with Brightree further enhances the value of Q-Connect, which is provided free to Quality Biomedical’s customers.


          WellSky Delivery Manager

          WellSky Delivery Manager

          Web-based Delivery Manager helps control provider costs

          The WellSky Delivery Manager, available through an integration with CareTend, helps HME/DME, specialty pharmacy, and home infusion providers manage workflow and logistics in a way that helps keep costs down. The new WellSky Delivery Manager helps providers save time and money via managing deliveries and shipments using a web-based solution and a complementing mobile application. The system includes route optimization and visualization using Google Maps and lets providers track deliveries with real-time delivery truck tracking. Other key features include electronic signature capture and delivery logging with proof of delivery with longitude, latitude, and photo. The system also includes offline capabilities using mobile, and has full integration with FedEx, USPS, UPS, and other couriers for shipping.

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          Team DME

          TeamDME! XL

          Billing statements providers can customize the level of detail

          TeamDME! XL has added simplified customer statements that allow providers to choose the amount of data and fields that they print on statements. Providers can create a summary invoice that limit the detail or include all the details for a claim and allow the customer to pay their bill online. The company has also added customizable fields in all sections of TeamDME! XL and the ability to create custom shipping labels. In addition, TeamDME! has an integrated solution with CMB Solutions to offer a turn-key solution for patient engagement for all HME product lines, compliance, replenishment, reminders, adherence, and readmission risk management.

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          Resupply platform leverages AI to increase

          • AI-based system uses thousands of built-in payer rules to add or adjust payers and policy changes, plus identifies and verifies insurance eligibility in real-time.
          • Identifies why orders might be problematic and automatically launches the right task to move the order along, while tracking down missing documentation for complete and accurate billing.
          • Providers can view their entire patient portfolio to monitor orders, performance and profit in real-time while using the tool’s staff production metrics to keep employees accountable and measurable.
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          SystemOne, a comprehensive, budget-friendly approach to HME, now offers a new solution for denial management through Waysta to easily track and appeal denials—and prevent them from happening in the first place. SystemOne can manage business from accounts receivable (AR) to point-of-sale, shipping, rentals, sales, and more. It has a modular design; select only the functionality you need, then add to it as your business grows. Avoid duplicate data entry, bill and post payments electronically, batch recreate transactions, capture signatures electronically, transfer Med B claims from QS/1 Pharmacy programs for billing, and print hospice, consignment, and patient statements.

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          Podcast on equipment management