Sleep Therapy

Sleep Therapy has been anything but boring over the last 16 months. Just as sleep providers started to get their footing during the COVID-19 public health emergency, along came the Philips device recall. In both cases, sleep providers have had to deal with uncertain supply chains while serving both existing patients and onboarding new ones.

Moreover, when it comes to the public health emergency, providers of sleep therapy equipment and services had to develop new procedures and use new tools to safely and effectively provide products and services to patients and coordinate with referrals.

While all that was happening, providers have to keep up to speed with the market changes and innovations that have always been part and parcel of the sleep therapy market. While the public health emergency or a product recall might have created gaps in some supplies, new masks, accessories, and other devices and products have been getting released.

Likewise, there are a variety of business services and software offerings on the market to help sleep therapy providers run more efficient businesses, help their referral partners introduce new patients to therapy, and ensure optimal outcomes.

So, bearing all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the products and services that have recently hit the market:

TeleHealth Clinical Evals

Sleep Evaluations

Telehealth Clinical Evals-PAP

Service provides turnkey sleep evaluations, prescription updates via telehealth

Telehealth Clinical Evals-PAP partners with HME and PAP providers for sleep evaluations, ongoing CPAP compliance evaluations, and annual CPAP prescription updates. The company’s team of licensed physicians provides face-to-face clinical evaluations through its proprietary audio/video conference technology. All telehealth evaluations are compliant, convenient, and efficient for patients in the home or facility. All evaluations come with the attestation of no financial relationship with the Provider and no cost for this service.

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc.



    Nasal mask features world’s first CapFit headgear

    F&P Evora is a compact nasal mask for the delivery of PAP therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. It features the world’s first CapFit headgear. With Dynamic Support Technology the stability wings work in synergy with the floating seal to allow freedom of movement while keeping the Evora comfortably in place. The minimal floating seal wraps around the nose to ensure a flexible
    and comfortable fit.

    • (877) 707-5454, ext. 4

    OxyGo LLC

    OxyGo CPAP Sanitizer

    OxyGo CPAP Sanitizer

    CPAP sanitizer can be used to clean more than just masks and tubes

    The new OxyGo CPAP Sanitizer doesn’t just clean CPAP masks and tubing, it can sanitize everyday items such as cell phones, toothbrushes, keys, earpieces, remote controls, and glasses. With a lightweight, sleek design and large inner capacity sanitizing is easy. Two options offer a model with UV and activated oxygen (three modes) and a model with only UV technology. The device uses neither water, nor harmful chemicals and does not interface with CPAP devices.

    • (877) 263-1167

    Quality Biomedical

    Quality Biomedical

    Patient Direct

    New program helps patients with defective PAP devices

    Many HMEs lose time and money managing their patients’ defective CPAPs. Quality Biomedical‘s new Patient Direct program gives HME companies a unique URL that they e-mail to the patient who then completes the online form and works directly with Quality Biomedical. The service is designed to care for patients easily and quickly. Turnaround time is usually one week or less. Quality Biomedical services both ResMed and Respironics CPAPs and BiPAPs, as well as warranty units for ResMed. An MSRP invoice is provided for insurance reimbursement.

      Sunset Healthcare Solutions

      Passive Heated Breathing Circuit

      Passive Heated Breathing Circuit

      Comfortable, value-oriented humidification circuit opens up access

      Sunset Healthcare Solutions’ new Passive Heated Breathing Circuit aims to deliver the kind of value that makes treatment more accessible for patients. The circuit is specifically designed for use with the Fisher & Paykel MR850 humidifier for ventilators. It delivers comfortable humidification to adult patients in hospital or homecare environments and is intended for single use only. The circuit includes the heating wire cable, and chamber and airway probe ports. The Passive Heated Breathing Circuit is one of the newest additions to Sunset’s active, passive, heated, and non-heated vent circuits and accessory line.

      • (877) 578-6738




      New nasal high-flow therapy solution enhances threapy

      Masimo’s new softFlow provides warmed and humidified respiratory gases at high flow rates through a soft nasal cannula to spontaneously breathing patients suffering from respiratory distress and other pulmonary conditions. Equipped with an advanced integrated flow generator that delivers consistent flow during inspiration and expiration, softFlow is designed to enhance therapy benefits while eliminating the need to connect to an external source of compressed air.

      • (949) 297-7000

      Hans Rudolph

      Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Mask

      Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Mask

      Mask ideal for home and healthcare CPAP/Bi-level use

      The Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Mask series are reusable, multi-patient full face masks that incorporate five sizes to fit a wide range of patients. The under-the-chin fit, new sealing flange, and anatomically contoured design helps ensure the best possible leak-free fit. Those features combined with the high quality, soft silicone and steam autoclavable and dishwasher safe materials make the mask ideal for home and healthcare CPAP/Bi-level use. Non-vented and anti-aasphyxia valve-only swivels are available upon request.

      • (800) 456-6695


      Brightree by ResMed

      Brightree ReSupply

      Automated, yet personalized patient resupply

      • A scalable end-to-end solution to automate supplying patient refills or replacements, while making the process more personalized, transparent and engaging.
      • Helps providers identify resupply opportunities; conduct patient outreach using a multi-method approach; retrieve necessary documentation; fulfill orders; and capture data-driven insights to improve performance.
      • SNAP integration uses AI to help reduce employee touchpoints, while increasing accuracy.
      • (844) 438-2783


      AirSense 10

      AirSense 10

      Patient comfort combined with innovation and efficiency

      • Cloud-connectable and compatible with ResMed’s patient engagement app, myAir, which provides nightly myAir score reports, personalized coaching and more.
      • Includes a built-in humidifier, as well as a climate control auto setting to make breathing more comfortable.
      • AutoRamp feature provides low airflow pressure to help patients fall asleep, then steadily increases to the user’s unique prescribed level.
      • (877) 242-1703


      DreamPort Sleep Solution


      Boosts compliance by resolving mask complaints

      • Resolves claustrophobia and headgear complaints using daily disposable DreamPorts, which use hypoallergenic surgical foam adhesive.
      • One-size-fits-all, with zero headgear, DreamPort is clinically proven not to leak, eliminates mask lines, dry eye, and hair matting.
      • Compatible with all CPAP machines, covered by all major insurance and made in the USA.
      • (919) 619-7170

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