The mobility products can be tricky to navigate as the industry seems to be split into two worlds: funded and retail. Luckily, for HME providers this can lead consumers to their stores in more ways than one.

The global wheelchair market is expected to reach $6.1 billion in 2022, according to market research and consulting firm Lucintel, because of a growing elderly population, increased spinal cord injuries and continuing wheelchair needs from other mobility patient groups. Lucintel predicts that power chairs will see the most of the growth, which is great for providers as standard power scooters and chairs are sold easily in their stores.

Medicare makes the process of funding mobility difficult and lengthy leading some consumers to fund their own independence. For instance, geriatric patients have largely accepted the fact Medicare won’t pay for mobility products beyond bottom-rung options, which means they are more willing to pay out of pocket for what they want, sometimes with the help of their family.

At the same time, CRT patient needs continue to grow and are require highly specified solutions. Manufacturers in that segment of the mobility market continues to expand in terms of the types of products that they offer to serve the needs of pediatric to adult patients.

Ultimately, this means that providers looking to sustain and hopefully grow their funded and cash revenues must stock a broad variety of mobility devices, as well as accessories for users who might need to enhance their funded or cash product. Display multiple chairs around your store so that you can easily provide comparisons for customers. Above all, train your staff to be knowledgeable experts on all the products offered.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent items on the market:

Invacare Corporation



New chair developed with the customer experience in mind

The Invacare AVIVA Storm RX rear-wheel drive power wheelchair brings new features to enhance the user, provider and clinician experience. It is targeted for users who travel outdoors but also need maneuverability for indoors. Intuitive to drive the chair offers an easy transition for people that move from a manual to power wheelchair. The compact base design offers better maneuverability and SureGrip suspension system helps increase traction going over obstacles. Front caster bushings decrease vibrations the user sees and thus helps reduce fatigue, and the front casters are moved outward to allow use of a center mount front rigging to help improve the comfort of the user.

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ATLAS Clinical Evals Software ACES

ATLAS Clinical Evals Software

ATLAS Clinical Eval Software ACES

Single platform for patient mobility evaluations and seamless referrals

ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES) increases E2D, revenue cycle, and annual revenues to the ATP and provider. With ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES), the ATP can prepare the integrated patient mobility and home evaluations within the software and refer it seamlessly to the therapist’s ACES secured portal. The Therapist can use ACES for clinical mobility evaluations that allows a mobility evaluation to be conducted in person or remotely at the patient’s home. ACES manages the therapist’s report and other necessary documentation that supports the patient mobility equipment to insure it is complete and accurate.

    Pride Mobility Products

    Go-Go Endurance Li

    Go-Go Endurance Li

    Go-Go Endurance Li brings lithium-ion to Pride’s travel mobility range

    The new Go-Go Endurance Li incorporates a standard, airline-approved 8Ah battery pack, and offers a 16Ah MAXX lithium battery option to enjoy longer range per charge. Compared to sealed lead acid, lithium-ion is 60 percent lighter, offers a 31 percent longer range and maintains speed throughout the discharge cycle, and 140 percent faster charging. It also can be topped off and short charged without impacting the useful life of the battery and comes with a two-year warranty The Endurance Li comes with two standard compact, foldable seat options: 17 in. x 17 in. and 20 in. x18 in.

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    GF Health Products

    Everest & Jennings PureTilt

    Everest & Jennings PureTilt

    Manual tilt wheelchair lets users readjust their posture throughout the day

    The Everest & Jennings PureTilt has a user-or-caregiver-adjustable tilt control to facilitate easy posture adjustment throughout the day, vital for comfort and pressure relief. PureTilt standard features include an ergonomic, contoured, adjustable-height back; ergonomic rear handles; nonremovable padded, hinged arms that swing up and back to facilitate transfer; a nonremovable angle-adjustable, length-adjustable padded hydraulic leg rest with retractable footplate; padded height-adjustable headrest; 6 in. front swivel casters; 22 in. rear wheels; wheel locks; and rear anti-tippers. The back tilts forward for convenient storage and transport. Maximum weight capacity is 300 lb, evenly distributed.

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    MK Battery

    MK Battery Charger Model M-D-EN0801

    MK Battery Charger

    A full CRT power chair charge in 8 hours

    The new MK Battery Charger Model M-D-EN0801 is an 8 amp charger and is the largest MK charger for CRT power chairs to ensure a full charge after eight hours. MK Battery also offers a rnage chargers to meet each customer’s unique charging requirements. The MK battery chargers will charge all lead battery types, GEL and AGM, and all MK chargers automatically shut off when batteries are fully charged.

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    BOSS Equalizer HD Tilt

    BOSS Equalizer HD Tilt

    Heavy-duty seating system offers 60° of tilt action

    The BOSS Equalizer HD Tilt is a 600 lb.- capacity, heavy-duty tilt seating system with 60° of tilt action when added to a comparable chair base. Seat dimensions include width to 32 in. & depth to 24 in. for optimum tissue allowance. Arms are height, length, angle and width adjustable. The sculptured back adjusts in angle, depth and back gap, allowing excessive tissue space to flow. Available options include power articulating ELRs, power articulating center column, swing always, and custom size foot plates.

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    Quantum Rehab

    4Front 2

    4Front 2

    Power chair incorporates user, ATP, clinician feedback

    Quantum Rehab’s new 4Front 2 power wheelchair was created to implement feedback received from consumers, ATPs, clinicians and industry professionals, and packs in features such as Quantum’s new Smart Traction Control (STC). The STC is integrated into the Q-Logic control system and features upgraded drive performance at higher speeds (up to 6.25 miles per hour) and improved tracking. Other innovations include four-pole motors and redesigned caster arms that have greater durability, reduced weight and enhanced aesthetics. Quantum’s backup camera is also an available option.

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    Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

    Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

    Clinical Respiratory Patient Management and Custom Mobility

    ACHC launches two new DMEPOS accreditation distinctions

    National accreditor Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) has launched two accreditation distinctions for DMEPOS organizations, offering comprehensive solutions to increasing demands for accountability and better patient care. The distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management puts emphasis on a collaborative, teams-based approach that encompasses assessment, treatment, documentation, and education to enhance quality of life and reduce hospital readmissions. The distinction in Custom Mobility focuses on responsive care and services that improve activities of daily living and quality of life for patients requiring mobility support.

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    TeleHealth Clinical Evals

    TeleHealth Clinical Evals

    Telehealth Clinical Mobility Evaluations

    Services uses video for remote clinical mobility evals

    Telehealth Clinical Evals’ team of licensed physicians and licensed therapists provide face-to-face clinical mobility evaluation, and PT/OT clinical mobility evaluations via audio and video conference technology. The service specializes in HIPPA-compliant, convenient, and efficient telehealth evaluations for patients needing in-home and facility mobility evaluations. Telehealth Clinical Evals uses custom technology software that automates the evaluation process. Before sending to the provider, the completed evaluation report undergoes a quality review to prevent conflicts. All evaluations come with the attestation that there is no financial relationship with the provider as there is no cost to the provider for this service.

      Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

      QUICKIE Q300 M Mini

      QUICKIE Q300 M Mini

      Narrow power wheelchair provides 17” turning radius

      The new QUICKIE Q300 M Mini is Sunrise Medical’s narrowest power wheelchair. Thanks to true mid-wheel drive technology, the Q300 M Mini turns on the spot, providing an ultra-small 17” turning radius (without footplates). With a turning circle of less than a yard - 33.7” - the Q300 M Mini allows you to turn around in the smallest of elevators. It’s available with two seating frames — the simple, adjustable SEDEO Lite and the highly configurable SEDEO Pro — which both offer the C-Me option, enabling seat elevation up to 12” while traveling up to 3 mph.

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