The mobility products can be tricky to navigate as the industry seems to be split into two worlds: funded and retail. Luckily, for HME providers this can lead consumers to their stores in more ways than one.

The global wheelchair market is expected to reach $6.1 billion in 2022, according to market research and consulting firm Lucintel, because of a growing elderly population, increased spinal cord injuries and continuing wheelchair needs from other mobility patient groups. Lucintel predicts that power chairs will see the most of the growth, which is great for providers as standard power scooters and chairs are sold easily in their stores.

Medicare makes the process of funding mobility difficult and lengthy leading some consumers to fund their own independence. For instance, geriatric patients have largely accepted the fact Medicare won’t pay for mobility products beyond bottom-rung options, which means they are more willing to pay out of pocket for what they want, sometimes with the help of their family.

At the same time, CRT patient needs continue to grow and are require highly specified solutions. Manufacturers in that segment of the mobility market continues to expand in terms of the types of products that they offer to serve the needs of pediatric to adult patients.

Ultimately, this means that providers looking to sustain and hopefully grow their funded and cash revenues must stock a broad variety of mobility devices, as well as accessories for users who might need to enhance their funded or cash product. Display multiple chairs around your store so that you can easily provide comparisons for customers. Above all, train your staff to be knowledgeable experts on all the products offered.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent items on the market:


Model Ci

Model Ci

Stylish power mobility device offers handy Bluetooth features

WHILL’s Model Ci It disassembles for easy transport, offers indoor/outdoor versatility, and is equipped with Bluetooth BLE4.2 and mobile data technology for additional peace-of-mind and quicker support. Whether experiencing fatigue or to simply move the device out of the way, the iPhone app lets users and caregivers remotely control the device. Users can also lock and unlock the device to prevent unwanted usage and access real-time device diagnostics.

  • (844) 699-4455

Shoprider Mobility Products



Group 2 chair focuses on stability and handling

Shoprider’s XLR14, a Group 2 Complex Rehab Power Wheelchair, comes equipped with 14 in. Drive Wheels and a self-adjusting mid-wheel drive suspension system that is accompanied by four independently suspended front and rear casters. This adds stability via six points of contact with the ground, and a smooth driving experience that will handle virtually any driving surface. Equipped with our power tilt seating system, the XLR 14 has 50˚ of tilt available. The XLR 14 also has a flip forward seat for easy battery access, long-range battery options, and a 300 lb. weight capacity. (Read more about these chairs.)

  • (800) 743-0772

Zoomability Inc.



All-terrain vehicle takes users to the outdoors

The Zoom is a four-wheel drive, all-terrain mobility vehicle designed to make outdoor recreation more accessible to wheelchair users. It is capable of handling many types of off-road conditions, like snow, sand, hills and rocky terrain. On a smooth surface, the Zoom batteries will last up to 25 miles, and for rougher terrain, the battery life will range from 15-19 miles. The Zoom’s maximum speed varies by market with the maximum speed set to either 12 mph or 9.3 mph and the optional high-/low-speed selector with reduced speeds set to 3 mph to 6 mph.

  • (215) 917-0403

KD Smart Chair

Special Edition

Special Edition

Portable power chair ships ready-to-roll

The Special Edition (SE) folding power wheelchair is made of a durable, lightweight aluminum alloy that supports passengers weight of up to 330 lbs. The portable SE Chair folds and unfolds with a push of a button and weighs 59 pounds, which makes it convenient for transport, travel and storage. The SE model also includes a 12 inch rear wheel system for better performance on all surfaces. This FDA-approved power chair ships directly from Florida fully assembled, and once charged is ready to go.

    Inspired by Drive

    Trotter Mobility Chair

    Trotter Mobility Chair

    Trotter aims to be a next-gen pediatric mobility chair

    Inspired by Drive’s Trotter Mobility Chair offers parents and caregivers a lightweight, foldable alternative to heavier wheelchair-style mobility bases. The pediatric chair features a padded seat and back upholstery at the same low price as the original version. Other features include an adjustable seat depth that grows with a child, and an adjustable tension positioning back support system for customized fit. The Trotter wheelchair is transit-ready and comes in Jet Fighter Blue, Fire Truck Red, and Punch Buggy Pink.

      MK Battery

      Gel Batteries

      MK Gel Batteries

      Range of HME batteries ideal of power mobility

      MK Gel Batteries deliver dependable power for vital mobility applications. The deep cycle Premium Sealed VRLA batteries are capable of up to 1,100 cycles for a typical HME user. The Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte involve no liquid of any kind which means the battery is safe in any position and maintenance free with no water ever needing to be added. MK batteries are also FAA, IATA and UPS approved, making them safe for travel and shipping.

      • (800) 372-9253

      Golden Technologies

      GP162 Envy

      GP162 Envy

      Golden Technologies intros next-gen LiteRider

      Golden Technologies is rolling out the GP162 Envy, the next generation in its LiteRider series. Placing a premium on comfort features that will help retailers drive cash sales, the Envy offers a larger foot plate and redesigned style with a decorative color shroud. Colors include Cherry Red and Paradise Blue, along with limited edition vibrant colors including Envy Green, Solar Flare Orange, Sunburst Yellow and Satin Silver. The chair has a turning radius of 28.5 in., and features two 22 amp-hour batteries for an operating range of up to 15.5 miles.

      • (800) 624-6374

      Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

      990X All-Terrain Knee Walker

      990X All-Terrain Knee Walker

      Knee walker designed for all terrains

      Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare introduced the new 990X All-Terrain Knee Walker with a rugged, steel frame and four large, knobby tires designed never to go flat. As an alternative to crutches for anyone recovering from a below-the-knee injury or surgery, the steerable 990X is extremely stable for indoor and outdoor use and measures easily over gravel, dirt, grass, mulch and uneven pavement.

      • (877) 224-0946




      Toilet/bathing chair comes in four sizes

      • Accommodates clients from childhood through young adulthood
      • Seat tilts, allowing for idea seating and posture
      • Accessories include head support, push brace and swing-away side
      • (888) 266-8243

      Pride Mobility Products

      Jazzy Zero Turn

      Jazzy Zero Turn

      4-wheel scooter with maneuverability of 3-wheels

      • Tight, 38 in. turning radius
      • Independent CTS suspension, LED marker lights, extended-range batteries
      • Under-seat storage, and feather-touch disassembly
      • (800) 800-8586

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