Home Accessibility

With a booming population of seniors increasingly requiring customized accessibility solutions, the home access market has seen growth in demand for lifts and ramps that allow wheelchair users to continue living independently.

For HME businesses, this means that opportunities to enter and expand this market are nearly endless. Many companies have entered this sector by offering simple, useful products that are related to their original expertise. Once patients know a company for selling bath safety products or durable threshold ramps, they will be more trusting when the HME business expands its services to kitchen and stair solutions.

As patients desire products that fit the unique needs of their residences and vehicles, providers are also finding success in making complicated installation processes appear simple to the end-user. Partnering with construction contractors, HME businesses rightly view complex home remodels and customizations as both daunting and lucrative, particularly when companies are able to find other funding sources for patients.

Because the majority of home access products are not funded, companies have found success in directing their patients to seek grants from the Department of Veterans Affairs, state Medicaid programs or local accessibility associations providing grants to patients and their families. Once HME companies become familiar with the funding landscape, they are able to focus on the most important part of their role: ensuring comfort, safety and independence for patients.

To learn more about some of the most popular home access products on the market today, take a peek at the sampling of ramps, lifts and design services collected below.

Invacare Corporation

Birdie Evo XPLUS

Birdie Evo XPLUS

Patient lift maximizes comfort, security during homecare patient transfers

The Birdie Evo XPLUS patient lift is designed to maximize patient comfort and security during transfers from a bed, a chair, or the floor. The lift features a Slow’R Integrated Dampener and Ergonomic Sling Hook. Built into the boom, the Slow’R Integrated Dampener reduces rocking movement, resulting in a stable and comfortable experience for the end-user and steady lift control for the caregiver. The Ergonomic Sling Hook incorporates a nose designed to help prevent sling loops from sliding out unintentionally, which helps reduce the risk of injury.

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Stander Inc.

Trust Care Lets Go Indoor Rollator

Let’s Go Indoor Rollator

Indoor rollator gives patients increased functionality and value

Stander’s new Let’s Go Indoor Rollator from Trust Care opens a new “indoor rollator” category for your store. That means you have the opportunity to sell a second rollator for indoor use to existing, or new rollator users. The convenient tray table and basket serve as a caddies for getting items from point A to point B around the home, and the tray is also used as a TV tray while sitting. A one-handed brake allows the user with limited dexterity to grip and brake the handle, and also gives you a free hand to carry items if needed.

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Assist ramp


New Assist threshold ramp providers users with handrails

The Assist, with a slip-resistant walking surface and sturdy handrails, affords users safe, stable access to porches, tiered sidewalks, curbs, and about every one-step level change in a living area. Assist is readily available in 36” wide 3, 4, 5 and 6 ft. lengths, though customizable to user needs. Proper installation of Assist requires anchoring and the handrails can be attached in a few minutes.

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Proactive Medical Products

Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift

Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift

Folding patient lift helps traveling individuals

The Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Electric Patient Lift represents a new standard in full-body lifts for individuals who travel or have storage issues in their home. The small footprint is ideal for home use. It easily folds up to fit in most automobile trunks for transport or travel and is lightweight and easy to move at (84 lbs.). The Protekt Take-A-Long features: Dual rear locking casters, two-point spreader bar, emergency stop button, battery-powered with a high-capacity battery pack, built-in battery gauge, low battery/overload warning alarm and tool-free assembly. Weight capacity: 400 lbs. Warranty: electronics two years; frame three years.

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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC



Narrow power wheelchair provides 17” turning radius

The new QUICKIE Q300 M Mini is Sunrise Medical’s narrowest power wheelchair. Thanks to true mid-wheel drive technology, the Q300 M Mini turns on the spot, providing an ultra-small 17” turning radius (without footplates). With a turning circle of less than a yard - 33.7” - the Q300 M Mini allows you to turn around in the smallest of elevators. It’s available with two seating frames — the simple, adjustable SEDEO Lite and the highly configurable SEDEO Pro — which both offer the C-Me option, enabling seat elevation up to 12” while traveling up to 3 mph.

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UpLift Seating and UpLift Entryway

UpLift Entryway and UpLift Seating

Lift duo offers access into and then within facility

  • Designed to help wheelchair users access facilities and then, once inside, be raised to better engage in activities and events.
  • UpLift Entryway is a relocatable platform lets wheelchairs users lift themselves unassisted into and out of facilities. Both products can be quickly folded, stored and set up.
  • UpLift Seating is a relocatable platform that lets wheelchair users control an LCD touchpad to raise and lower themselves while in a facility.


    Enable modular ramp

    “Enable” Series Modular Ramp

    New ramp series builds on design innovations

    • Made-in-USA aluminum ramps adapt to site conditions, and provides attractive appearance.
    • Subtle changes make handrails stiffer and reduce water retention on walking surfaces.
    • Compatible with all Access4U modular accessories such as stairs, gates, angled platforms, picket railings and guardrails which may be required for a convenient and safe installation.
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    Proactive Medical Products

    Protekt Onyx

    Protekt Onyx Hydraulic Patient Lift

    The new Protekt Onyx home care lift utilizes high performance hydraulics for gradual movement and provides a safe and comfortable patient transfer. The sturdy steel frame incorporates hydraulics which raise and lower patients gradually and safely from any stationary position. The spreader bar allows for the use of 4- or 6-point slings, which provides safer patient handling and a wider range of transfers. The user-friendly hand operated base opening adjusts and locks easily. Dual rear locking casters offer added safety and security. This easy to operate hydraulic lift is built to last, and also affordable. No tools required for assembly. Weight capacity: 450 lbs.

    • (855) 237-7622


    Modular Ramp

    Sixth Generation Modular Ramp

    Modular ramp has fewer parts, simplifying process for patients and distributors

    • New and improved modular ramp offers major benefits with easier assembly in the field and fewer parts.
    • Features include stiffer handrails/decking, no sharp outside edges and attractive design.
    • Product is available with picket handrails as well as custom sizes and widths.
    • (800) 355-7025

    Mac's Lift Gate Inc.

    Vertical Home Lift PL-50

    Mac's Vertical Home Lift PL-50

    Residential wheelchair lift designed for maintenance-free use

    • Durable home lift can lift and lower up to 750 lbs., accommodating most electric wheelchairs and scooters.
    • Non-slip platform, constant pressure switches and railing are included for maximum safety.
    • System can operate in all weather conditions and comes with five-year limited warranty.
    • (800) 795-6227

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