Cash Sales

Retail sales are all about product. Cash sales items have to appeal to specific customers needs, and their appeal must be obvious. With HME provider staff as busy as they are, it is critical that the product truly sell itself.

That means providers must stock product offerings that attract clients with clear and obvious benefits. Ultimately, patients should take one look at these sorts of products and think, “now why didn’t I think of that?”

And if they products are packaged in an eye-catching fashion, and the product design is attractive, then the provider has something solid it can stock with reasonable confidence that it will entice customers to buy it.

That’s what we call being “retail ready” and there are a wide variety of products that fit the bill. Moreover, they come across a wide spectrum of DME product offerings. They could be home access items, aids to daily living, bath safety offering, or related to other “core” DME categories. The key is that they’re being sold on a cash basis.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve collected a number of “retail ready” product offerings that should easily round out any provider’s line up of cash sales offerings. Let’s take a look:




Curasev is a cloud-based management platform to help HME providers streamline their business and better serve their patients. Recently, Curasev partnered with CardConnect to allow for merchant integration and automatic credit card processing and billing. It has also added ERA auto-posting which will let users auto-post payments rather than manually posting them. A companion mobile delivery routing solution app Curapro helps delivery drivers view and change their routes as well as automatically send SMS notifications to patients to allow for smoother delivery processing.

    ARI Network Services Inc.


    ARI Network Services

    A turnkey e-commerce platform for providers

    ARI Network Services offers a suite of SaaS, software tools, and marketing services to help providers, according to its slogan, “Sell More Stuff!” both online and in-store. Powered by a proprietary data repository of product content spanning more than 17 million active part and accessory SKUs and 750,000 equipment models, the system aims to remove the complexity of selling online.

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    Compass Health Brands

    Carex Retail Planogram

    Carex Retail Planogram

    Generate cash sales with well-organized displays

    Enhance your showroom and your cash sales with a Carex Retail Planogram. Create a great experience for the shopper who visits your store with well-organized and visually appealing displays – bath safety, mobility, personal care, and aids to daily living.

    • (800) 376-7263




    Transactions with EMV security standards

    QS/1 announced it has added another certification through Elavon to process transactions for Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) compliant cards. QS/1 offers the independent and small-chain pharmacy industry one of the first integrated point-ofsale solutions with EMV security standards. This additional certification allows QS/1 customers using QS/1-verified hardware and Elavon to process credit and debit cards securely. The ability to securely process these transactions minimizes the financial risk to pharmacies.

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    App gives HME providers quick way to process payments

    Brightree introduces Brightree Patient Collections GetPaidHME app that provides HME providers with a quick way to process patient payments through their smartphone or tablet anywhere in real time. GetPaid, which runs on Apple and Android devices, allows the user to scan a sales order directly from the delivery ticket. The patient listing is then added to the delivery queue. Sales order data, including recipient information and the amount of money due, is automatically integrated into the app, eliminating the need for paper invoices. Once the payment is processed using a major credit card, e-check, or FSA/HSA card, the app automatically posts the payment back into the Brightree core platform, streamlining the manual entry process.

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    Health Mobius LLC

    eRetail Platform

    Health Mobius

    eRetail platform turns a complex problem into a simple solution

    Health Mobis introduces the eRetail platform that will help HME/DME dealers and pharmacies to offer more cash sale and generate additional revenue in-store and in the field. Now, using the platform, you can outsource the online Webstore functions to experts. Health Mobius will set-up and manage the entire e-commerce platform, handle the online product catalog and payment to vendors, payment processing, shipping, customer service and sales tax processing for all online and offline transactions using the eRetail platform for $100/month. You decide which of over 16K products from hundreds of manufacturers to offer your customers – we do all the work behind the scenes.

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