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MHI Safe-er-Grip

Safe-er-Grip All White 12 inch Suction Cup Balance Assist Bar

Safe-er-Grip All White 12 Suction Cup Balance Assist Bar

Bath and shower balance assist bar offers onestep safety

The Safe-er-Grip All White 12” Suction Cup Balance Assist Bar provides instant attachment consists of a one-step approach with an easy locking mechanism. The suction cup design works on any non-porous, flat surface, including tile, glass, acrylic and metal, allowing users to place the grab bar where they need it most. No tools are required, and all bars include a non-slip grip handle and extra thick suction cups for durability.

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Stander Inc.

EZ Click LTC Bed Handle

EZ Click LTC Bed Handle

Bed rail attaches to any adjustable or articulating bed

Stander’s new EZ Click LTC Bed Handle is the first institutional bed rail to attach to any adjustable or articulating bed and overcome all seven FDA entrapment zones. Most bed rails create gaps and areas of entrapment when the bed is articulated, but the patented EZ Click LTC Bed Handle is uniquely designed to eliminate those problem areas. Providing assistance in and out of the bed, the EZ Click LTC Bed Handle can support up to 500 lbs.

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Quality Biomedical

Quality Biomedical

Patient Direct

New program helps patients with defective PAP devices

Many HMEs lose time and money managing their patients’ defective CPAPs. Quality Biomedical‘s new Patient Direct program gives HME companies a unique URL that they e-mail to the patient who then completes the online form and works directly with Quality Biomedical. The service is designed to care for patients easily and quickly. Turnaround time is usually one week or less. Quality Biomedical services both ResMed and Respironics CPAPs and BiPAPs, as well as warranty units for ResMed. An MSRP invoice is provided for insurance reimbursement.

    McKesson Medical-Surgical


    McKesson Biomedical Solutions

    Inventory management services designed to cut providers' costs

    McKesson Biomedical Solutions, an offering of McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc., is a solution to HME providers’ equipment needs, offering rental of infusion, enteral and respiratory devices while providing high-quality services, including preventative maintenance, biomedical equipment repairs, asset management programs and equipment tracking with our McKesson OneTrack technology. Outsourcing these needs helps you reduce capital expenditure, maximize equipment utilization, and stay compliant with equipment repair and service needs, allowing you more time to focus on your business and patient needs.

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    Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

    Universal Software Solutions

    Healthcare Data Management System

    A complete, fully integrated practice management solution

    Universal Software Solutions’ Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) offers a complete, fully integrated practice management solution with complete operational software for post-acute healthcare, specialty pharmacy and home infusion providers. USS also offers StowPoint, a modern content management solution. StowPoint can capture and house all of a provider’s scanned hardcopy documentation, as well as many other formats to create virtual customer files. The company developed its solutions with an eye on helping its clients run successful operations in the healthcare industry.

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    Sunset Healthcare Solutions

    Passive Heated Breathing Circuit

    Passive Heated Breathing Circuit

    Comfortable, value-oriented humidification circuit opens up access

    Sunset Healthcare Solutions’ new Passive Heated Breathing Circuit aims to deliver the kind of value that makes treatment more accessible for patients. The circuit is specifically designed for use with the Fisher & Paykel MR850 humidifier for ventilators. It delivers comfortable humidification to adult patients in hospital or homecare environments and is intended for single use only. The circuit includes the heating wire cable, and chamber and airway probe ports. The Passive Heated Breathing Circuit is one of the newest additions to Sunset’s active, passive, heated, and non-heated vent circuits and accessory line.

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    Curasev is a cloud-based management platform to help HME providers streamline their business and better serve their patients. Recently, Curasev partnered with CardConnect to allow for merchant integration and automatic credit card processing and billing. It has also added ERA auto-posting which will let users auto-post payments rather than manually posting them. A companion mobile delivery routing solution app Curapro helps delivery drivers view and change their routes as well as automatically send SMS notifications to patients to allow for smoother delivery processing.




      Device offers simple, safe, convenient and effective knee rehab

      Knee arthroscopic surgery often leaves patients with knee contractures that are very stubborn to resolve, but stretching the soft tissues has proven effective in retaining therapeutic gains. Using the Kneewell lets the patient self-administer extension therapy at home or work. An FDA Class 1 device, Kneewell may be billed to Medicare under code E1811 as a static progressive stretch knee device used for extension.

        CAIRE Inc.



        A telehealth solution that supports comprehensive oxygen car

        Designed to help oxygen providers “upgrade” their “O2 operating system” and streamline their operations, CAIRE’s new myCAIRE telehealth solution supports comprehensive oxygen care. With an eye on increased efficiency and improved care, myCAIRE connects to CAIRE’s leading portable and stationary concentrators via patients’ smart device and simplifies remote data collection through a secure, cloud-based technology in real-time from the desktop. Available on Android, iOS and Surface platforms, myCAIRE provides improved fleet management with device notifications and GPS location; and the ability to view key data such as oxygen usage. It is available on the portable FreeStyle Comfort and Eclipse 5, and the stationary Companion 5.

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        Motif Medical

        BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket

        BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket

        Phototherapy blanket prioritizes affordability and portability

        Intended for use in the treatment of infants diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia, commonly known as neonatal jaundice, the BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket is ultraportable, lightweight and battery powered, ideal for use both in a hospital setting and at home. An LED light source eliminates the need for fiber optic cables, which eases positioning, reduces maintenance and offers a longer lifespan. In terms of cost, where typical phototherapy blankets cost upwards of $5,000 per unit, wholesale pricing for the BiliTouch begins at $2,999.

          Invacare Corporation

          AVIVA Storm RX

          AVIVA Storm RX

          New chair developed with the customer experience in mind

          The Invacare AVIVA Storm RX rear-wheel drive power wheelchair brings new features to enhance the user, provider and clinician experience. It is targeted for users who travel outdoors but also need maneuverability for indoors. Intuitive to drive the chair offers an easy transition for people that move from a manual to power wheelchair. The compact base design offers better maneuverability and SureGrip suspension system helps increase traction going over obstacles. Front caster bushings decrease vibrations the user sees and thus helps reduce fatigue, and the front casters are moved outward to allow use of a center mount front rigging to help improve the comfort of the user.

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          ATLAS Clinical Evals Software ACES

          ATLAS Clinical Evals Software

          ATLAS Clinical Eval Software ACES

          Single platform for patient mobility evaluations and seamless referrals

          ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES) increases E2D, revenue cycle, and annual revenues to the ATP and provider. With ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES), the ATP can prepare the integrated patient mobility and home evaluations within the software and refer it seamlessly to the therapist’s ACES secured portal. The Therapist can use ACES for clinical mobility evaluations that allows a mobility evaluation to be conducted in person or remotely at the patient’s home. ACES manages the therapist’s report and other necessary documentation that supports the patient mobility equipment to insure it is complete and accurate.

            Proactive Medical Products

            Protekt Pilot Upright Walker

            Protekt Pilot Upright Walker

            A walking aid that lets users stay erect, stable and safe

            The upright design of the Protekt Pilot Upright Walker allows improved posture mitigating pain in the lower back, hands, and wrists, enabling users to walk longer distances with less stress, leading to a more mobile and active lifestyle. Features include adjustable height armrests, lockable handbrakes, comfortable seat with backrest support, stand assist handles, 8 in. front wheels with 360 degree swivel for easy maneuvering. The Protekt Pilot has a 300 lbs. weight capacity and comes with beverage holder, safety LED light, personal item bag and cane holder, plus a one-year warranty.

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            New nasal high-flow therapy solution enhances threapy

            Masimo’s new softFlow provides warmed and humidified respiratory gases at high flow rates through a soft nasal cannula to spontaneously breathing patients suffering from respiratory distress and other pulmonary conditions. Equipped with an advanced integrated flow generator that delivers consistent flow during inspiration and expiration, softFlow is designed to enhance therapy benefits while eliminating the need to connect to an external source of compressed air.

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            LifeWalker Mobility Products

            UPWalker Neuro

            UPWalker Neuro

            Upright walker helps users with neurological and movement disorders

            The UPWalker Neuro follows from the original UPWalker but adds functions and benefits for neurological and movement disorder patients. The UPWalker Neuro features armrest angle adjustments for hemipelagic and other patients with lmited arm movement or muscle tone (angle can be set anywhere between straight ahead and perpendicular across the body). A backup prevention mechanism on both rear wheels reduces the risk of retropulsion and a speed control resistance brake manages the pace with which the UPWalker rolls. Other features include an armrest bridge that provides enhanced stability for impaired patients, and a rechargeable motion-activated safety light that illuminates the user’s path.

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