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Brightree by ResMed

Brightree ReSupply

Automated, yet personalized patient resupply

  • A scalable end-to-end solution to automate supplying patient refills or replacements, while making the process more personalized, transparent and engaging.
  • Helps providers identify resupply opportunities; conduct patient outreach using a multi-method approach; retrieve necessary documentation; fulfill orders; and capture data-driven insights to improve performance.
  • SNAP integration uses AI to help reduce employee touchpoints, while increasing accuracy.
  • (844) 438-2783


AirSense 10

AirSense 10

Patient comfort combined with innovation and efficiency

  • Cloud-connectable and compatible with ResMed’s patient engagement app, myAir, which provides nightly myAir score reports, personalized coaching and more.
  • Includes a built-in humidifier, as well as a climate control auto setting to make breathing more comfortable.
  • AutoRamp feature provides low airflow pressure to help patients fall asleep, then steadily increases to the user’s unique prescribed level.
  • (877) 242-1703

Bleep LLC

DreamPort Sleep Solution


Boosts compliance by resolving mask complaints

  • Resolves claustrophobia and headgear complaints using daily disposable DreamPorts, which use hypoallergenic surgical foam adhesive.
  • One-size-fits-all, with zero headgear, DreamPort is clinically proven not to leak, eliminates mask lines, dry eye, and hair matting.
  • Compatible with all CPAP machines, covered by all major insurance and made in the USA.
  • (833) 392-5337




Telehealth app connects with CAIRE oxygen concentrators via patients' smart devices

Responding to the increased need and demand for telehealth solutions, CAIRE Inc. has launched a new telehealth solution called myCAIRE, which connects to CAIRE’s concentrators via the patient’s smart device and facilitates remote data collection through a secure, cloud-based technology in real-time. The medical equipment provider can then easily access the data via from its desktop. The myCAIRE application is available through Android, iOS and Surface platforms, and the portal provides customizable views, filtering and search options to view oxygen usage, flow rates, device notifications, equipment location, and requests sent directly from patients to the provider through the app.

  • (800) 874-0202


rtNOW HME Services

Tele-respiratory therapists give provider staff a 'pressure relief' valve

  • Remote RTs schedule new PAP setups, educate patients via a HIPAA-compliant CoreLink video conference, and work various devices and masks.
  • RTs provide ongoing PAP follow-up to ensure adherence for therapeutic benefit and billing requirements.
  • RTs can schedule or be scheduled to perform virtual remote ventilator follow ups via CoreLink.

    Motif Medical

    BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket

    BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket

    Phototherapy blanket prioritizes affordability and portability

    Intended for use in the treatment of infants diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia, commonly known as neonatal jaundice, the BiliTouch Phototherapy Blanket is ultraportable, lightweight and batterypowered, ideal for use both in a hospital setting and at home. An LED light source eliminates the need for fiber optic cables, which eases positioning, reduces maintenance and offers a longer lifespan. In terms of cost, where typical phototherapy blankets cost upwards of $5,000 per unit, wholesale pricing for the BiliTouch begins at $2,999.

      Sleepnet Corp.

      iQ2 & Phantom 2

      iQ2 & Phantom 2

      New moldable, low-profile nasal masks for resupply

      • Both masks combine patented AIRgel technology with a soft, pliable shell ensures premium comfort for many facial structures.
      • Design and materials also minimize skin irritation and pressure points.
      • If patients need to change mask styles, the IQ2 and Phantom2 cushions are interchangeable while using the same mask frame and headgear.
      • (800) 742-3646

      Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

      Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

      Clinical Respiratory Patient Management and Custom Mobility

      ACHC launches two new DMEPOS accreditation distinctions

      National accreditor Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) has launched two accreditation distinctions for DMEPOS organizations, offering comprehensive solutions to increasing demands for accountability and better patient care. The distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management puts emphasis on a collaborative, teams-based approach that encompasses assessment, treatment, documentation, and education to enhance quality of life and reduce hospital readmissions. The distinction in Custom Mobility focuses on responsive care and services that improve activities of daily living and quality of life for patients requiring mobility support.

      • (919) 785-1214

      Computers Unlimited

      Computers Unlimited TIMS Software

      TIMS Document Management

      Document management system lets providers make the rules

      TIMS Document Management provides the means for HME/DME providers to build and manage form templates, as well as define insurance documentation billing rules on a payer-specific basis for each product line they service. This allows the sites to bring the entire HME/DME medical billing process together — no tribal knowledge required. The system lets providers effectively manage compliance documents with a single dashboard that informs them of documents to work, tasks for which they are responsible, and the ability to research customer accounts.

      • (406) 255-9500

      Prochant Inc.



      Solution for billing and process outsourcing now HITRUST CSF certified

      Prochant, which offers fullservice billing and process outsourcing solutions for HME and pharmacy providers, has achieved HITRUST CSF Certification for its RCM Services & Platform. With HITRUST CSF Certified status, Prochant demonstrates that its Revenue Cycle Services & Platform have met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk. By adhering to high standards in protecting sensitive data and information, Prochant’s outsourcing solutions securely meet providers’ needs for proactive revenue cycle management.

      • (888) 349-9015

      VGM Insurance

      VGM Insurance

      VGM Insurance

      VGM clients can access free insurance education bundle

      All VGM Insurance clients receive a free continuing education course bundle worth more than $250 in partnership with VGM Education. New courses added for 2021 include working within HIPAA; business ethics; handling complaints; sexual harassment in the workplace; disaster preparedness; defensive driving; and an OSHA overview.

        Oatey Co.

        QuickDrain Shower Bench

        QuickDrain Shower Bench

        Bench balances style with universal design and accessibility

        • The 100 percent recycled bench accommodates the ADA standards for height and exceeds ADA weight guidelines of 250 pounds.
        • Available in three configurations: a rectangle bench and large or small corner bench options.
        • Each bench comes ready to assemble with no framing required, and mechanical fasteners or anchors are required for installation.
        • (800) 321-9532

        Stander Inc.

        Trust Care

        Trust Care

        Rollator line tailored to specific uses helps broadens retail sales

        Stander’s new Trust Care line offers five premium European Rollators to increase providers’ cash sales. These unique-looking rollators will open several new rollator categories in providers’ stores. From the Let’s Go, an “indoor rollator,” to the Let’s Shop, a “shopping rollator,” to the Let’s Move, a “travel rollator,” each offers innovative and unique features users, whether it’s their first or even second rollator for specific uses. And, at the top of the line, is the Let’s Fly, TrustCare’s “Ferrari of rollators.”

        • (800) 506-9901

        Cure Medical

        Cure Dextra Closed System

        Catheter easy to use for even users with limited dexterity

        Proprietary features make the Cure Dextra Closed System easy to use, even for individuals with limited dexterity. Tip Advancing Technology with Gripper Arrow enables the pre-lubricated, straight tip catheter to advance from the 1000 ml collection bag into the body without contact. A unique Support Band enables controlled use. Like all Cure Medical products, the Cure Dextra features polished eyelets for increased comfort. It is not made with DEHP/DINP, BPA, or NR-Latex.

        • (800) 570-1778

        Bridge Medical

        Telescoping Pivot Grip

        Telescoping Pivot Grip

        Portable grab bar offers endless installation options

        • Two adjustable sizes: Medium (22 in. to 27 in.) and Large (27 in. to 32 in.)
        • Pivoting ends allow for installation options such as stretching across corners, inside of a bathtub or across nonparallel surfaces.
        • Can be used at home or while traveling; lifetime warranty.

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