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Vivo 45 LS

Vivo 45 LS

Light, small form-factor ventilator provides flexible life support

The Vivo 45 LS is one of the smallest, full-featured life support ventilators on the market and provides invasive and noninvasive continuous or intermittent ventilatory support in the home, post-acute, hospital, and portable applications for pediatric through adult patients weighing more than 11 lbs. Designed to maximize patient independence and mobility with an ultra-small footprint, it also provides the comfortable eSync trigger technology along with ultra-quiet operation. It also provides etCO2, SpO2, FiO2 and PtCO2 monitoring and connection to EveryWare by Breas, a securely hosted cloud-based application, which can help deliver an insightful approach to home care of respiratory patients.

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