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Pharmacy Testing Certification

Pharmacy Testing Certification

In response to the “new normal” in pharmacies across the country, The Compliance Team’s Pharmacy Testing Certification program (a new Exemplary Provider recognition award) aims to help to keep pharmacies on the leading edge of patient protection. The Pharmacy Testing Certification program provides pharmacies with the education and tools necessary to achieve Pharmacy Testing Certification for COVID-19 and other CLIA Waived tests. It offers pharmacies new revenue opportunities via Point of Care testing and Collect and Transfer testing. As a certified pharmacy testing facility, the pharmacy assures its customers, patients, payers, and employees that its pharmacy testing quality and safety procedures have been validated by a nationally recognized third party.

This is a stand-alone certification program, so a pharmacy need not be accredited by The Compliance Team for any other service. However, those pharmacies that are currently accredited by The Compliance Team will be ahead of the game in that the Pharmacy Testing Certification standards retain many aspect parts of the more stringent Exemplary Provider accreditation standards.

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