Mobile Delivery

Mobile Delivery

Brightree Mobile Delivery helps HMEs optimize delivery routes, track and confirm deliveries, monitor driver location, and more — all in a connected, electronic workflow from office to field. By eliminating paperwork and enabling wireless syncing to automatically schedule and track deliveries, Mobile Delivery helps HMEs optimize productivity and improve cashflow.

Brightree has made updates to its Mobile Delivery module to provide HMEs with new tools essential to doing business throughout COVID-19, including enabling contactless delivery. In accordance with CMS’ temporary regulatory waivers throughout the duration of the COVID-19 public health emergency, Brightree has updated its Mobile Delivery module with the ability to provide proof of delivery through photos rather than physical signatures to enable safe and secure contactless delivery. With this update, delivery technicians can take a photo that acts as proof of delivery, along with automatic timestamps and geocodes, and a notation on the electronic delivery documentation, noting patient signature was not available due to COVID-19. As a result, patients continue to receive their medical supplies safely, drivers remain shielded from disease risk, and HMEs continue to enjoy accelerated billing and collections.

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