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JAY J3 PD Back

JAY J3 PD Back

Wheelchair backrest expansion offers comfort customization

The JAY J3 wheelchair backrest product line is now available in over 40 Posterior Deep sizes. HCPCS coded E2620, the JAY J3 PD Back has dual-layer foam, quick release hardware, and multiple modification options. It also features a layered 3DX Spacer Fabric and Lycra stretch cover to promote airflow and wick moisture. The backrest comes in five contour shapes and four support heights, and has 6 in.-deep contour depth to provide midline postural support and positioning. In addition, curved 7 in.-tall, built-in contoured laterals offer thoracic stability. The JAY J3 PD Back is available in heights ranging from 8 in. to 24 in. and widths from 12 in. to 20 in.

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