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Rotation-in-Space or Tilt-in-Space

Rotation-in-Space or Tilt-in-Space

Wheelchair enhancements allow for increased capacity

Sunrise Medical is pleased to announce enhancements to the adult Quickie and the pediatric Zippie IRISTM tilt-in-space wheelchair lines. Rotation-in-Space or Tilt-in-Space technology helps to facilitate respiratory function, feeding, pressure relief and visual alignment for the wheelchair user. Already known for its quality and durability, the Quickie IRIS has now increased the weight capacity on the standard chair to 300 pounds and 400 pounds on the heavy duty option. Additionally, an option now available for the Quickie IRIS is the JAY lower extremity support, which utilizes the same latch mechanism as the hangers, making adjustments easier without the need of additional hardware.

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