Freemie Collection Cup

Freemie Collection Cup

Breast pump system allows women to pump anytime, anywhere

Each Freemie Collection Cup has a funnel and valve integrated into the cup assembly that is naturally shaped, so the cups can be slipped inside a woman’s bra. The cups feel and work just like regular breast pump equipment when placed over your breasts. But instead of milk falling down and hanging in bottles below the funnels, it collects in the cups that surround the funnels. Freemie cups, used right underneath regular clothing, are intuitive and more comfortable than any other hands-free pumping system. Each plastic cup is extremely lightweight at just over an ounce, and with your bra as support, the weight of the collecting milk is hardly noticeable. Since many pumps that women already have or receive through their insurance are compatible, they do not have to buy a whole new pump to use Freemie.

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