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Midtown Microfiber

Midtown Microfiber

Microfiber line makes it easy for men to focus on health

For men who wear graduated compression daily, MIDTOWN MICROFIBER is the perfect combination of comfort, therapeutic relief and durability. It is constructed from an extremely fine, breathable microfiber nylon that makes it comfortable all day, every day. The variety of styles and options provides men with the ability to wear the compression level they need to help manage varicose veins, leg pain and leg swelling, and also, keeps them looking great. The complete MIDTOWN MICROFIBER line is available in 15–20mmHg, 20–30mmHg and 30–40mmHg. The line comes in socks, socks with a grip-top (for men with large calf muscles or slim legs), and thigh-highs (featuring a top band that appears like socks when worn with pants).

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