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Eson 2

Eson 2

Next Gen Eson 2 Nasal Mask Emphasizes Fit and Ease of Use

Fisher & Paykel’s recently released the F&P Eson 2, the second generation of its nasal mask for treating OSA sufferers, features a unique RollFit seal that is designed to deliver precise fit and effective seal that automatically adjusts to the bridge of the nose in order to decrease the likelihood of leaks, which can waste time and increase patient dissatisfaction. The mask’s Intuitive Headgear provides fitting options for patients, including the ability to stretch the mask directly over the head, and its Easy Frame now has a narrower profile than its predecessor. Also, the diffuser, which reduces noise and draft for the patient and the bed partner, is now washable and more durable than the original F&P Eson diffuser, according to the company.

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