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AffloVest Offers New Approach to High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation

The AffloVest is a high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) vest that quietly runs on batteries to provide truly portable therapy that can be billed under Medicare code E0483. Unlike other HFCWO devices, the AffloVest takes a new therapy approach and using eight, battery-powered oscillating motors, which are sewn into the AffloVest in areas correlating with the anatomy of the lungs. Rather than use air pressure, the oscillating motors create percussive waves that help the lungs break up and move built-up secretions in the airways to help patients with conditions such as COPD, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, quadriplegia and other neuromuscular diseases.

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