Cure Medical

M14XL Intermittent Catheter

M14XL Intermittent Catheter

New Intermittent Catheter Is Longest on Market

Cure Medical’s new M14XL Intermittent Catheter is designed for people who need a self-catheterization option that helps reduce the stress and strain of multiple transfers. The M14XL is the longest catheter available on the market today, as it is a 25 in.-long, 14FR catheter. (Most standard intermittent catheters available today are 16 in. long or shorter.) The DEHP- and BPA- chemical free catheter does note require extension tubing, and incorporates a gripper sleeve and fire-polished eyelets. The device is packaged discreetly in a pocket-sized wrapper, and lubricant is included inside the packaging to reduce sterility issues.

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