Adopting an Outcomes-Based Sales Approach

As U.S. healthcare moves away from fee-for-service models and more towards an outcomes-based care model, HME providers will have to change their sales strategies.


Medicare Advantage Audits’ Impact on HME Providers

CMS has intensified its scrutiny of Medicare Advantage health plans, and in turn those plans are auditing HME businesses. How should providers respond?

Industry Roundtable

A Look Ahead

Experts discuss key trends, challenges and opportunities that will impact HME providers and how those businesses can respond to them.

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Products & Technology

Accelerating Your Business

The range of technology tools continues to explode as companies develop a broader range of specialized offerings.

Legal & Regulatory

Infusion: What to Expect in 2023

A review of the most recent CMS guidance pertaining to home infusion therapy.

Key Product Offerings

Supporting Active Seniors

Pharmacies function as many seniors’ primary retail healthcare resource. Here are some retail DME categories pharmacies should consider carrying to keep seniors active, safe and enjoying life.

Home Access

Providing Senior Home Accessibility

Seniors’ ability to continue living independently hinges on safety. DME pharmacies are in the perfect position to offer products that provide safe home access.

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Editor’s Note

Aging Independently — and Differently

There is a trend among the aging population that providers need to understand.

Provider Strategy

Data Rich, Insight Poor

HME providers can collect an infinite pool of data, but they need tools that let them identify trends and see how to improve care.

Vendor Viewpoint

Looking to Raise Capital? Look Across the Pond

Belluscura follows other medical device makers successfully raising equity on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM.

Business Solutions

Outsourced Billing: Taking a Second Look

The forces pushing providers to reexamine RCM services, and how providers can integrate outsourced billing into their businesses.

Live from Medtrade Video

Helping Retail HME Providers Demonstrate Quality

Sandy Canally, RN, of the accrediting organization The Compliance Team, explains how a new certification program helps non-DMEPOS providers differentiate their services in the retail market.

Live from Medtrade Video

How HME’s Labor Shortage is Impacting Resupply

Resupply expert Mike Lorenz discusses how his company is helping providers sidestep workforce constraints that would otherwise curtail their resupply efforts across disease states.

Observation Deck

Readying Your Business for Future Challenges

Start with the old Scouting motto, ‘Be Prepared.’ It applies to all facets of life and business — and it is most applicable in healthcare.


Medtrade East: New Hall and a Packed Agenda

Medtrade show director York Scwhab joins the HMEB Podcast to shine a spotlight on some of the upcoming event’s key highlights


Stand Up for Homecare: Catching up and Making Connections

AAHomecare’s annual event benefits industry advocacy and patient groups. The association’s president and CEO Tom Ryan shares what will make this year’s event special.

Problem Solver

Referral Sales: New Rules for a Radically New Game

The nature of HME referral sales is changing. What are the tools and resources providers should incorporate into their game plans?

Provider Strategy

Working Cooperatively with a Manufacturer

Providers and manufacturers must take care to understand the laws governing how they work with one another.


Emphasizing The Strategic Value of Accreditation

How providers can make the most of their accreditation and what they should expect from their accrediting organization.


DME Certification for Non-Medicare Providers

Accrediting organization The Compliance Team CEO Sandy Canally, RN, has launched a new certification program to help retail HME providers. What benefits does it offer, and how do providers obtain it?

HME Business Podcast