Medline Launches Glide-On Exam Gloves

In an effort to reduce waste and save time for healthcare professionals, Medline has launched the Glide-On Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Glove.

A left hand pulls a clear vinyl glove over an outstretched right hand.

In an Aug. 17 announcement, Medline said, “Clear vinyl gloves are especially vulnerable to rips and tears following standard hand-washing and sanitizing protocols. It takes an estimated 28 seconds to don a standard clear vinyl glove, and 20 percent of the time, these gloves will rip or tear in the process, resulting in unusable gloves, lost time and frustration.”

Medline’s new gloves feature a special coating that enables healthcare providers to pull the gloves on faster — in 14 seconds on average, Medline said — with rips and tears occurring just 3 percent of the time.

To further expedite the glove-donning process, Medline’s Glide-On Power-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves feature color-coded sizing printed on each box, with SmartGuard film to keep gloves in the box to reduce glove waste.

“For every 1,500 clear vinyl gloves, 300 — or two boxes of gloves — may be wasted,” Medline noted. “With Glide-On, glove waste could decrease to just 45 gloves.”

In the same news announcement, Medline launched SmartBoX, innovative packaging that includes an insert that “propels gloves toward the box opening. The patent-pending design keeps gloves at the top, making it easier to pull a single glove out every time, maximizing glove utilization and decreasing glove waste by 33 percent.”

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