VGM Announces O2 Concepts Partnership

VGM & Associates is now partnered with O2 Concepts, a Middlebury, Conn.-based manufacturer of portable oxygen concentrators (POCs).

In a July 31 news announcement, VGM described the “novel design” of O2 Concepts’ devices, noting that they provide “both continuous flow and high-volume pulse dose oxygen in a 24/7 environment, and are uniquely capable of delivering the most clinical oxygen therapy available for better mobility and quality of life. O2 Concepts also offers DNA Technology, their proprietary, device-initiated connectivity solution that connects provider organizations with their device fleets via the O2 Concepts DNA Portal.”

Elby Beal, CEO of O2 Concepts, said in the announcement, “We are extremely pleased to join the VGM Vendor Partners program and collaborate with VGM Respiratory and Member Services teams in providing our products to their member community. We are excited to bring the market-leading performance and reliability of our devices and technology to the VGM membership and share our expertise in the use of POCs and utilizing technology to enhance and evolve their fleet management systems.”

Boone Lockard, Director of VGM Respiratory, added in the announcement, “Embracing progress, we proudly expand the VGM Respiratory portfolio with the addition of O2 Concepts. With O2 Concepts’ innovative POC portfolio and revolutionary DNA platform, we enhance our ability to meet the evolving needs of VGM members and patients. This partnership is a step forward in our commitment to delivering exceptional respiratory care solutions.”

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