Numotion Launches Web Site for Urological Supplies

Numotion has launched a dedicated Web site to support its clients who use urological supplies.

In an Aug. 1 news announcement, the national provider said, “Specializing in rehabilitative care, the Numotion Medical Supplies team understands the individualized, intimate needs and challenges of living with spinal cord injury, spinal cord disorder, and bladder and bowel dysfunction.

“The new Web site features a catalog of all types of catheter products and materials for female, male and pediatric anatomy that Numotion provides via its partnership with all major catheter manufacturers. In addition to catheter information, the Web site adds information about what customers can expect as they embark on their journey with Numotion Medical Supplies, customer success stories, educational videos, [and] articles/blogs outlining best practices for life with your medical supply solutions. There is also a page dedicated to information on navigating catheter insurance coverage.”

Numotion said the Web site is designed to support both existing customers and potential new customers.

Neill Rowland, Vice President of Numotion’s Medical Supply Division, said, “Growing Numotion’s medical supplies offering with the addition of the new Numotion Medical Supply Web site enables the medical supply team to more comprehensively serve the needs of an expanded customer base and allows us to continue to empower people to actively participate in everyday life.”


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