ResMed Announces Acquisition of Somnoware

ResMed has acquired Somnoware, which produces sleep and respiratory care diagnostics software.

In a July 5 announcement, ResMed described Somnoware’s software, saying it “streamlines the processes of physicians as well as sleep and pulmonary function testing labs for diagnosing and evaluating a patient’s sleep and respiratory care test results, ordering PAP treatment equipment, setting up appointments, tracking PAP compliance, and electronically providing this information directly into a patient’s electronic health record — all from within the Somnoware platform.”

Lucile Blaise, ResMed’s Sleep & Respiratory Care President, said in the announcement, “We are thrilled to welcome the Somnoware team to ResMed. We’re committed to driving wider adoption of Somnoware’s open and interoperable platform to help more people with OSA or COPD get the diagnoses and treatment solutions they need. Improving patients’ experience and health outcomes is our common goal.”

Subath Kamalasan, the co-founder of Somnoware and the company’s CEO, said, “I’m thrilled to join forces with ResMed and embark on a shared mission of guiding people toward better sleep and improved breathing. Our partnership will open new avenues to help physicians with the critical task of chronic care management. Together, we are committed to driving innovation and delivering solutions that improve the health of patients with sleep disorders and other chronic respiratory diseases.”

The announcement said ResMed would “retain all Somnoware staff, integrate its offerings into the ResMed brand and solution ecosystem, and maintain the open and device-agnostic nature of Somnoware’s offerings so end users can keep interoperating with various testing solutions and place orders for treatment devices and accessories from any supplier.”

Bill Shoop, ResMed’s North American General Manager, added, “We are very excited about this acquisition. Somnoware’s offering has been well received in the marketplace, and it naturally complements our ecosystem of digital solutions across the patient care pathway. Our team is excited to add Somnoware to our portfolio of solutions to help physicians, sleep labs, and HMEs drive greater efficiency and deliver better patient care.”

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