New Podcast: Staffing Options for Today’s HME Suppliers

Business leaders often declare that their employees are their greatest assets. But what happens when recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees becomes a daily challenge?

A new HME Business podcast addresses the pervasive staffing challenges faced by business leaders today, including HME suppliers. The podcast — People Power: Staffing for Success in an Ever-Changing World — features an interview with Todd Usher, founder of Tactical Back Office (TBO).

In the episode, Usher provides advice on vetting potential staffing partners with an eye to the future, recommending that suppliers consider “not only what open positions you have now, but what open positions do you anticipate in the future? What other businesses are you going to be opening? Are you going to be opening more branches? Are you going to be opening different complementary or ancillary types of business that are a complement to your HME or DME business?”

Usher also suggested talking to staffing companies’ other customers: “I would recommend client testimonials, and a lot of them to make sure you’re on the right path. We can supply current KPIs [key performance indicators], what’s being achieved by our current TBO team.”

And Usher recommended “choosing a partner who can accommodate your A-to-Z needs,” adding, “Challenge us. Make us work. We’re going to work for you to make sure you’re successful.”

Listen to the TBO-sponsored podcast, and check out additional episodes in the HME Business podcast center.

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