New Permobil Guide Teaches About Pressure Management

A new Permobil resource teaches about pressure, the injuries it can cause, and how it can be effectively managed.

Pressure Management Guide cover is orange and white with the illustrated outline of a manual wheelchair user.

The 72-page Pressure Management Guide examines how and why pressure injuries occur — it’s not only a matter of ischemia (oxygen deprivation) — how they can present, and factors that can put people with mobility impairments at greater risk.

In a May 1 announcement, Permobil said, “Our comprehensive pressure management guide is here to provide you with the necessary knowledge to manage and prevent pressure injuries for both supine and seated postures. Leveraging the Clinical Practice Guideline by the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel, this guide is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the information they need to prescribe appropriate wheelchair support surfaces.

“It also highlights the critical role of wheelchair configuration and equipment choices in preventing and treating pressure injuries while introducing the significance of international standardized testing.”

Chapters/topics include pressure injury definition and etiology; pressure injury stages; shear; at-risk clients; pressure distribution methods; offloading; immersion and envelopment; myth busters; and what global experts say about pressure.

The guide — which could be helpful to anyone who works with or supports someone with mobility impairments — is free to download.

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