AAHomecare: Ask Senators to Support 75/25 Bill

The American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) is asking home medical equipment industry stakeholders to encourage their Senators to support S. 1294.

S. 1294 would extend through the end of 2024 the Medicare 75/25 blended rate for non-rural suppliers not in competitive areas. The bill was introduced by Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) on April 26.

In a May 3 bulletin to industry members, AAHomecare said, “S. 1294 extends relief granted in the 2022 Omnibus budget legislation, keeping 75/25 rates for an additional year and provides more stability for suppliers in these areas. The bill would also impact rates from other payers who are influenced by Medicare rates, including TRICARE and Medicaid programs in more than 20 states.”

AAHomecare is therefore asking industry members to urge their Senators to sign on as co-sponsors: “An e-mail or call to the staffer who handles healthcare issues for your Senator is the most effective way to make a strong impression,” the bulletin said.

The association made the following recommendations for industry members communicating with their Senators or staffers:

— Briefly explain where your company is, what products you provide, and how those products/services support the patient community.

— Explain the challenges your company has experienced due to rising costs of products, labor, shipping and deliveries, and other operational costs compared to current reimbursement rates.

— Describe your concerns about your ability to continue to serve patients under reimbursement rates that don’t currently reflect current market conditions.

AAHomecare’s Action Center includes a pre-written letter that industry members can send to their Senators’ offices. The letter template can also be used as a starting point, with industry members adding their experiences unique to their communities and patient populations.

AAHomecare also has an Issue Brief that provides greater detail about the need for S. 1294.


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