Beyond HME Announces S3 Resupply Partnership

Patient-outreach specialist Beyond HME just announced a new strategic partnership.

In a March 21 news release, Beyond HME said it will be working with S3 Resupply, described as “the HME industry’s leading resupply platform” that “makes reaching patients easier and more efficient for HME providers.”

In January, Beyond HME announced it would partner with ACU-Serve, noting that ACU-Serve “is the largest and most complete HME Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Provider in the country, offering solutions from intake through cash posting.”

Now, Beyond HME, ACU-Serve, and S3 Resupply will be able to provide “a complete resupply solution” for providers seeking to start or grow their resupply business and service lines, according to the news announcement.

Jim Dragatsis, Beyond HME’s CEO, said in the announcement, “Beyond HME’s goal is to create a Healthcare Alliance with the best software solutions, service organizations and healthcare providers in the HME industry. Having access to the S3 platform enables us to provide the best, most comprehensive resupply solutions for our customers.”

Scott McDaniel, President/Chief Commercial Officer of Bonafide/S3 Resupply said of the new agreement, “We are excited to partner with Beyond HME and ACU-Serve to help push our S3 software platform across the industry. We are a technology company that wants to continue to provide industry-leading solutions to the market.”

Jim Knight, ACU-Serve’s CEO, added, “Partnering with S3 Resupply gives Beyond HME the technology they need to handle patient resupply management more effectively. Combined with ACU-Serve's resupply management support, the trio delivers a complete resupply solution. By joining forces, ACU-Serve, Beyond HME and S3 Resupply present a service that allows HME providers to give their resupply patients the level of care they deserve.”

Visit S3 Resupply in booth 132 and ACU-Serve in booth 733 at Medtrade in Dallas, beginning March 28.

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