Mobius DME Unveils Provider 'Platform-as-a-Service'

Mobius provides HME businesses with a platform that guides patients through the HME/DME process in a similar way to how they shop for other products.

Mobius DME, which makes technology services that help HME providers and pharmacies, has launched a new Platform-as-a-Service offering that guides patients through the HME/DME process in the same way they shop for anything else. 

The Platform-as-a-Service empowers DME dealers with a resupply and frictionless commerce platform that is fully managed and incorporates integrations with billing, ERP and scripting providers, and marketing and financial services.

“This industry must face the reality that patients want the same seamless, easy shopping experience from their DME providers that they get from the daily online shopping experience they get everywhere else.” Kamal Haddad, co-founder of Mobius DME.

The outcome-oriented, cloud-based solution is designed for HME businesses and pharmacies of any size and integrates with their daily workflows. It also incorporates services to improve patient interaction, monitor disease management, and capture retail revenue.

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