VGM Opens DME Industry Disaster Cost Survey

VGM Government Relations is surveying providers on expenses incurred from natural disasters to show CMS true costs DME suppliers incur and make reimbursement recommendations.

VGM Government Relations is asking providers to answer a survey about their disaster response efforts and, more specifically, their expenses incurred in helping patients during emergencies.

Run by the DME Community Emergency Community Response Group, the survey aims to compile data that can be shown to CMS to demonstrate the costs providers sustain during a natural disaster.

“Our end goal is to better assess the true costs that DME suppliers incur in responding to natural disasters, and to develop recommendations for CMS on reimbursement opportunities to account for these expenses,” a statement from VGM Government relations read. “… Your participation in the survey is important as we need a robust response from the DME community as we gather intel to make improvements to reimbursement during disasters.”

Click this link to take the survey. The deadline to respond is Sept. 23. Click here to

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