ATLAS Unveils New Off-Line App

App lets HME and CRT clinicians and care professionals use ATLAS Enterprise Software when Internet access is unavailable or limited.

ATLAS Enterprise Software has released a new Off-line App that lets HME and CRT clinicians and care professionals work with ATLAS software when internet access is unavailable or limited

This lets those professionals continue using the software to complete patient interactions and get patients the services and equipment they need faster.

“We know that not every patient has access to the internet and remote evaluations can become less efficient,” said Bill Paul, CEO of ATLAS TECHNOLOGY Group. We listened to our providers and addressed this in our new release of the ATLAS Enterprise Software Off-line App. With this Off-line App, patients receive the correct medical equipment and services in an improved delivery time.”

The ATLAS Off-line app can be loaded on any Windows or Mac laptop to let users gather data for the ATP patient evaluation and the home assessment while having no internet access. Once users are connected to the internet again, they can load the collected data into ATLAS Software.

ATLAS Enterprise Software is part of the ATLAS Technology Services Group which also includes Telehealth Clinical Evals, ATLAS Clinical Evals Software, and ATLAS – FIOS Business Services. Each service group brings a unique perspective to HME/DME and Rehab Mobility Providers.

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