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ATLAS Technology Service Group – The Future Belongs to the Efficient

A full-service company, ATLAS Technology offers ATLAS Enterprise Software, Telehealth Clinical Evals, ATLAS Clinical Evals Software, and ATLASFIOS Business Services.

ATLAS Enterprise Software ( is the only enterprise resource planning tool for the HME and rehab mobility industry. Technology to process orders with operational efficiencies that improve delivery times strengthens compliance with payer rules, resulting in faster payments. Includes e-prescribe, referral acquisition management, and customer relationship management within a seamless, integrated cloud-based system that provides real-time reporting.

Telehealth Clinical Evals ( partners with HME and rehab providers for patient equipment evaluations, such as power and manual mobility, hospital beds, etc. Our licensed physicians and therapists provide F2F evals and PT/OT mobility evals. Compliant, convenient, and efficient for home- and facility-based.

Using ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (, the ATP conducts a patient mobility evaluation in the software and sends it to the therapist, who also uses ACES to conduct the patient mobility evaluation. The ATP and PT/OT both determine the correct equipment, improving your E2D significantly.

ATLAS – FIOS Business Services ( focuses on the patient experience with a goal of 100 percent retention for future equipment care, sales, and revenue generation. We work with providers to develop policies, efficient facilities, effective technology tools, and educate company technicians to become certified by DMERT as a Professional Service Technicians.

ATLAS Technology
9505 Hillwood Dr., Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89134
William Paul, CEO
(855) 221-4860

This article originally appeared in the Jul/Aug 2022 issue of HME Business.

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