Bellascura Unveils a Feature-Packed POC and New Health App

The New Next-Gen X-PLOR portable oxygen concentrator offers a variety of features and Bluetooth connectivity, while the app lets users monitor and manage their device and usage.

Medical device company Belluscura has launched its Next-Gen X-PLOR, a new lightweight portable oxygen concentrator, as well as the Nomad Health app, a smartphone solution to help oxygen users manage their conditions.

Built in the United States, the Next-Gen X-PLOR weighs only 3.75 pounds and is designed with a variety of features, including Bluetooth capability. The device offers four pulse flow oxygen settings to deliver 215-750 mL per minute with a breathe rate of 15-40 breaths per minute, and runs up to 4.5 hours with an 8-cell battery.

FAA-compliant and FDA-cleared, the Next-Gen X-PLOR also includes breath-detection technology that delivers oxygen when users breathe in and notifies them if no breath is detected. The no-breath-detected mode delivers three minutes of continuous flow.

With the Nomad Health app, users can use Bluetooth to connect the Next-Gen X-PLOR with their mobile device. The intuitive collects specific oxygen metrics from users' X-PLOR devices, so their oxygen therapy data is always just a few taps away.

With the Nomad Health app, users can monitor their breath rate, oxygen usage (hours used), pulse volume, and battery life, as well as view their alarm history. The app also provides filter and cannula reminders, access to the user manual and FAQ, and the ability to input spirometer and pulse oximeter data.

Bluetooth devices compatible with the Nomad Health app include iPhones, Android phones, Samsung watches, Apple watches, Nonin and Masimo pulse oximeters, and Fitbit wearables.

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