DrySee Launches Patented Waterproof Bandage

If liquids make their way into the bandage, the gauze along its perimeter will turn a dark blue color to indicate a new bandage is needed.

DrySee has introduced a patented waterproof bandage with a liquid intrusion alert to alter users and caregivers when water or other liquids have penetrated the bandage.

Average bandages provide some protection against dirt and water reaching a wound, but even when a waterproof bandage is used, it can be hard to tell if it has completely sealed.

DrySee’s waterproof bandages provide a secure, waterproof covering for low exudate wounds. If water or other liquids make their way into the bandage, the liquid-indicating gauze along its perimeter will turn a dark blue color. Fluid from the wound site will cause the internal pad to also change color, alerting the user that a bandage change is necessary. That color change makes it easy to see if the bandage is wet or dry.

DrySee bandages can last for up to three days, so people may even be able to reduce the number of bandage changes that they need to complete during healing.

“Infections are a historical and ongoing plague on the healthcare system,” said Brad Greer, CEO of DrySee. “DrySee is a game-changer for any type of wound care. There is no more ambiguity on the part of the person caring for the wound. It is visibly obvious when a bandage needs to be changed. This visual cue should help people be more proactive with their wound care and help reduce the number of infections.”

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