Prepping the Push for Medicare Seat Elevation Funding

Could Medicare finally fund seat elevation systems for power wheelchairs? A key meeting held last week could set the stage for an upcoming public comment campaign calling to revise the NCD.

Two weeks ago, Medicare reported it is opening up its seat elevation NCD to review, which would mean a public comment period to drive support for funding. Moreover, a virtual roundtable hosted on Aug. 3 by the National Council on Disability regarding funding for the systems could set the stage for such an advocacy effort.

In the latest episode of the HME Business Podcast, Seth Johnson, the senior vice president of Government Relations for Pride Mobility/Quantum Rehab, offers an insider’s view of the roundtable meeting, the issues involved, and how complex rehab providers and stakeholders can get involved.

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In the previous episode, Dr. Scott Martin, the medical director of TeleHealth Clinical Evals, and Maxine Paul, the vice president of operations for TeleHealth Clinical Evals, join the podcast to discuss how referral partners and patients have adopted telehealth, how HME providers can leverage telehealth to improve care and strengthen relationships, and the sorts of telehealth services their company offers to help providers save time and generate revenue.


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