Somnoware Launches Fax Intake Module

Post-acute software company adds fax transmission and management capabilities to its cloud-based respiratory care management system.

Somnoware, which provides a cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management, has launched a Fax Intake Module.

The Fax Intake Module enables users to send, receive, and manage patient documentation digitally — eliminating paper processes, saving time, and reducing errors, said Andrew Scheinbach, Somnoware Product Manager. 

“Manual tasks are transformed into a seamless digital workflow,” he added.

During setup, users establish a fax number or port an existing line to Somnoware that lets the platform become the digital repository for inbound and outbound referral faxing. Faxes can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Users can use multiple document layouts and split and group faxes by patient and document type. Faxes can be associated with patient records within the Somnoware system, which includes tools for easy forwarding, downloading, and printing of faxes.

Managing documents within the platform is easy with actions that bucket faxed documents as completed, archived, and more. Patient data, including insurance information, can also be added to a patient chart from within the module. Patients can even be added to a waitlist for an in-lab or home sleep test. Actions are tracked for record-keeping. Contacts are stored for quick reference, and data is securely stored to protect patient privacy.

“Within Somnoware’s Diagnostic and Care Management platforms, users can already streamline diagnostic and treatment workflows,” said Andrew Plourde, Somnoware Head of Product. “Now, with the Fax Intake Module, they can also digitize, organize, and streamline the fax referral process. Early adopters that are using the platform are pleased about the time they are saving by moving away from paper-based processes to an all-digital process for patient referrals.”

Visit to request a demo of the platform.

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