RESNA Honors U.S. Rehab’s Greg Packer

Packer was presented with the RESNA 2022 Honorary Fellow Award for promoting issues and demonstrating leadership in assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering.

The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) presented Greg Packer, president of U.S. Rehab, with the RESNA 2022 Honorary Fellow Award during a virtual conference on July 15.

The RESNA Honorary Fellow Awards recognize non-members who have promoted issues and demonstrated leadership relevant to the field of assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering and who have encouraged the independence of individuals with disabilities. Packer was nominated by his colleagues for this award, including Kyle Walker, former vice president of Rehabilitation Program Development with VGM HOMELINK.

“Greg is a pillar in our assistive technology industry,” Walker said. “The lives touched (by Greg) are in arguably every aspect of our industry from manufacturers to providers, researchers, policymakers, advocates, clinicians, professional organizations, and most important of all is to the consumer in our communities to make their lives better.”

Doug Gayton, MMM CD RCA, RESNA Fellow and 2022 RESNA Conference Chair, also nominated Packer.

“Greg and I bantered for a pleasurable hour on a patio while discovering our completely uncommon roots meshed quite nicely...the two sides of the rehab process,” Gayton said. “Greg’s route is interesting as he not only builds upon previous experiences but wholly consumed them into his next iteration. In short, I am able, with pride, to be a part of Greg’s nomination gang.”

The award was presented during the RESNA Virtual Conference on July 15 during the Awards Ceremony.

“I am honored and humbled to receive the 2022 Honorary Fellow Award,” Packer said. “I am so proud to work in an industry that strives to improve the lives of those with disabilities, and RESNA has been an amazing proponent in the work done for increasing access to assistive technology.”

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