AAHomecare Slates Virtual Washington Legislative Conference

The Sept. 21 event invites HME providers to meet with Congressional offices to advocate for a number of HME policy priorities using a seamless virtual meeting platform

The American Association for Homecare will host another virtual edition of its Washington Legislative Conference on Sept. 21, to help HME professionals from around the country advocate for HME policy priorities with members of Congress and staffers via video-enabled meetings.

Implemented last year due to Covid-19, the 2021 virtual event saw 140 advocates engage more than 220 Congressional offices. The meetings involved sharing first-hand experiences on how HME products and services helped combat the pandemic, as well as making a case for policies that would strengthen providers’ ability to provide high-quality, home-based care.

Advocacy Agenda
This year, the 2022 Virtual Washington Legislative Conference will see HME providers advocate for industry priorities, including:

  • Making a long-overdue meaningful adjustment to Medicare reimbursement for suppliers in former CBAs and continuing additional relief for suppliers in rural/non-bid areas. We need reimbursement rates that reflect the market realities and supply-chain issues facing HME suppliers.
  • Advocate for measures to stabilize reimbursement for HME and not move forward with competitive bidding in its current form, with CMS able to reject bidding results.
  • Protecting beneficiary access to respiratory therapy and continuous glucose monitors after the end of the COVID-19 PHE.
  • Preventing potential 4 percent Medicare sequester cuts in 2023 triggered by the application of 2010 Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) legislation to COVID-19 relief deficit spending. Letting these drastic automatic cuts stand would essentially finance expansive coronavirus relief through deep cuts on Medicare reimbursement rates for HME and other healthcare segments; we need to make sure Congress doesn’t let that happen.
  • Ensuring that members of Congress understand how rising product and operational costs, as well as supply chain issues, are impacting HME providers and patients.

The Meetings
AAHomecare has again partnered with Advocacy Associates to provide a virtual conference experience that will let HME stakeholders meet through Zoom with members of Congress and their staff. Meetings with members of Congress will take place through Zoom conference lines from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern on Sept. 21.

As in previous years — both live and virtual — AAHomecare and Advocacy Associates will schedule all meetings for participatnts, provide the resources to help them articulate the issues, and connect them with colleagues who share a common elected official. Attendees will be able to meet with their “team” prior to discussions with their legislator to determine an order to the conversation and which talking points are most critical to your business.

Meeting Training
Before the meetings, on Sept. 14, registrants can watch a live presentation containing details for the Legislative Conference, including:

  • Training from Advocacy Associates on the meeting platform, meeting schedules, making updates to the schedule, and how to connect with colleagues who share an elected official.
  • Issue Education from AAHomecare’s leadership on the key issues, resources available to help you tell your story, and policy changes effecting your business.

Both AAHomecare members and non-members can participate in the 2022 Virtual Washington Legislative Conference. The cost is $129 members and $149 non-members. Visit www.aahomecare.org/events/2/washington-legislati for more information and to register.

“We need your voice to make a high-impact case for meaningful policy action,” a statement from AAHomecare read. “Please register as soon as possible so we can secure you the best slate of meetings on Sept. 21.”

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