Brightree Debuts Brightree Digital Experience

New software helps HME providers automate text and email patient communications to improve workflows and boost patient satisfaction — with no need for an app or patient portal.

HME software maker Brightree has launched its Brightree Digital Experience, new software tools that help providers streamline and improve the patient experience through automated and orchestrated text and email patient outreach.

The texts and emails keep patients updated, offer electronic documentation and signature capabilities, and also facilitate video chat allowing for virtual patient support. With these capabilities, the new offering optimizes provider workflows and improves patient satisfaction, all without the need for the patient to download a mobile app or register for a patient portal. 

Why is that important? According to a recent survey, 95 percent of home-based patients seek a consumer-like experience from their providers, featuring instant communication through their preferred channel, which increasingly is text messaging. Brightree’s new digital patient communication solution enables providers to meet this patient demand with ease.

“Our digital communication platform automates patient touchpoints using text message so that they’re informed every step of the healthcare journey for the best therapy adherence,” Brightree noted in a public statement. “Plus, by collecting information digitally and using electronic signatures, you get the information you need when you need it to help ensure compliance, accelerate care and product delivery and facilitate getting paid on time, every time.”

“The healthcare industry is undergoing major changes, with the rise of eCommerce and consumer-like mindsets that put patients first in all things,” said Brightree President and CEO Matt Mellott. “To succeed, HMEs and home infusion providers need to focus on creating outstanding patient experiences that go beyond just providing a product or service. Our new patient-centered experience is designed to help providers do just that.”

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