Ability Members Group Adds Director of Member Services

Kelli Vriend joins the Canadian independent HME provider network to help its growing number of members.

Canadian independent HME provider network Ability Members Group (ABILITY) has added Kelli Vriend as its director of member services.

In that role, Vriend will apply her 20-plus years of experience in building, managing and growing HME operations to better support ABBILITY’s members. Vriend will drive member profitability and membership growth, and will help members optimize their business.

Prior to joining ABILITY, Vriend worked in home healthcare and HME, holding roles with increasing seniority across the Dell Group, the Katz Group, Drug Trading, and most recently with McKesson Canada.

“We are thrilled to have Kelli on the team,” said Jamie Church, CEO of ABILITY. “She’s a respected industry leader with a proven track record of successfully supporting owners in strengthening their businesses. Her skills in working with independent owners and driving collaboration between them and suppliers will be an important asset for the organization.”

“I’m very excited to join Ability Members Group,” Vriend said. “The organization has grown rapidly in the last few years and is taking great strides in driving the home medical equipment market. Working closely with independent owners is something that I enjoy, and this group of owners is doing a great job in supporting their communities. I’m looking forward to helping them optimize operations and improve both their growth and impact.”


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