ATLAS TECHNOLOGY Enters Canadian Market

HME and CRT software and business services company is now offering its four key service brands to Canadian providers.

ATLAS TECHNOLOGY Group, which provides business and technology services to help HME and CRT providers, is now providing its four key service brands in Canada.
“Our mission at ATLAS Technology Group is to support the HME/DME and Rehab Mobility Providers with the tools and services for an enhanced patient experience,” said Bill Paul, CEO of ATLAS TECHNOLOGY Group. “We are very excited to support providers and patients in Canada to receive the correct medical equipment and services in an improved delivery time.”
ATLAS Technology Services Group’s offerings combine enterprise resource planning (ERP); customer relationship management (CRM); process management; and medical billing software. The four brands under the ATLAS Technology Services Group umbrella that will now be available to Canadian providers: ATLAS Enterprise Software, Telehealth Clinical Evals, ATLAS Clinical Eval Software, and ATLAS-FIOS.
ATLAS Enterprise Software is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool that helps HME/DME and rehab mobility providers process orders with operational efficiencies that improve product delivery times while strengthening compliance with payer rules. This results in fewer human errors, faster payments, and higher collections. The cloud-based system also incorporates real-time, dynamic reporting.
Telehealth Clinical Evals partners with HME/DME and rehab mobility providers for patient equipment evaluations. Evaluation types include consumer or medial power and manual mobility equipment; hospital beds; respiratory PAP compliance evaluations; and renewed PAP prescription evaluations.
ATLAS’s team of licensed physicians and therapists provide face-to-face clinical, PT/OT mobility and clinical mobility evaluations via audio/video conference. All Telehealth Evaluations are compliant, convenient and efficient for patients in their home or in a facility. All evaluations come with the attestation of no financial relationship with the provider and no cost to the provider for this service.
ATLAS Clinical Eval Software (ACES) helps ATPs conduct integrated patient mobility evaluation within the software platform and send it seamlessly to the referring therapist, who will also use ACES to conduct their medical mobility patient evaluation. Together the ATP and PT/OT can collaborate to determine the correct equipment for the specific patient diagnosis.
This provides all the benefits of the referring therapist doing (not F2F) patient evaluations both in-person and remotely using telehealth. A step-by-step clinical evaluation process in ACES ensures the provider has complete and accurate documentation to ensure the patient gets the appropriate mobility equipment and that the payer will approve your medical claims without question, rejection, or denials. With reduced E2D time, the provider and the ATP see improvements in the revenue cycle, generating more revenue in less time.
A business service unit, ATLAS-FIOS helps providers enhance their patient experience to drive increased patient retention. ATLAS-FIOS leverages its collective HME and rehab industry experience to help providers develop business policies, efficient facilities, effective technology tools and educate company technicians to become certified by DMERK as a Professional Service Technician.
Services range from a complete revamping of the Providers service department to simply supplying the education, training and knowledge needed for company technicians to become DMERK certified. ATLAS-FIOS services are customized to the provider’s business needs.

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