Invacare Debuts New Patient Lift

The Birdie EVO XPlus aims to maximize comfort and security for homecare patients transferring from a bed, a chair, or the floor.

Invacare Corp. has launched the Birdie Evo XPLUS, a new post-acute patient lift designed to maximize patient comfort and security during transfers from a bed, a chair, or the floor,

In addition to a modern design look, the Birdie Evo XPLUS offers some valued features and new technologies, including a Slow’R Integrated Dampener and Ergonomic Sling Hook.

Built into the boom, the Slow’R Integrated Dampener reduces rocking movement, resulting in a stable and comfortable experience for the end-user and steady lift control for the caregiver.

The user-friendly Ergonomic Sling Hook incorporates a nose designed to help prevent sling loops from sliding out unintentionally, which helps reduce the risk of injury. It also features a wide base that allows for easy strap positioning.

Already offered in Europe, the U.S. launch of the Birdie Evo XPLUS gives U.S. providers access to one of Invacare’s most well-established offerings, according to Joost Beltman, Invacare’s senior vice president and general manager for North America.

“By incorporating insightful feedback from our customers, we introduced features like the Slow’R Integrated Dampener that tackle the challenges faced in safe patient handling today,” Beltman said. “As U.S. customers become accustomed to the product, we are confident that they will appreciate these new technological features.”

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