Reps. Crist and Suozzi Intro Home Modification Bill

The legislation provides tax incentives for home modifications to help seniors and others safely continue living in their homes.

New legislation recently introduced into the House of Representatives aims to promote home modifications for continued homecare and independent living.

Launched into the House by Reps. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.) and Thomas Suozzi (D-N.Y.), the Home Modification for Accessibility Act into Congress would provide tax incentives for home modifications so seniors and those with disabilities can more easily and safely continue living in their own homes.

To help providers better understand the legislation and its potential for patients and the industry, Jim Greatorex, vice president of VGM Live at Home, hosted a virtual town hall meeting today.

Still available as an archive, the virtual town hall also features Tony Gregg from Rep. Crist’s office and Tom Powers from VGM Government Relations. Rep. Crist is the lead sponsor of the bill, and Gregg helped author and work the bill through to its introduction.

The participants discuss actions we all need to take to support the bill, including reaching out to our elected officials and asking for their support.

“If you are ever in a situation where you can meet in person with one of your members of Congress — whether it be in D.C. or in the district — let us know,” Greatorex said during the town hall. “Let us know. We’d really like to be involved. If at all possible, we’ll send somebody there who can help you with that.”

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