Essentially Women Hosts the 2022 Edition of its Focus Event

For the first time in two years, members of the women’s health-oriented conference were able to meet in person for educational sessions and dedicated time with vendors.

After two years of social distancing, Essentially Women hosted an in-person edition of its Focus Conference on May 1-3 at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Fla. 

Essentially Women members and vendor partners gathered for education, networking, and reenergizing their businesses. This was the first time since February 2020 that EW members and vendors were able to gather face-to-face. 

“It was so good to meet together with everyone again face-to-face,” said Nikki Jensen, vice president of Essentially Women. “Meeting in person allows our members to really connect with each other and our vendor partners at a deeper level.” 

This year’s conference featured a Vendor Connections event and Retail Roundtables. Moderated by Rob Baumhover, director of VGM Retail, the Retail Roundtable session allowed for attendees to candidly discuss product, experience, marketing and ways to improve their businesses. Baumhover also presented the Brick-by-Brick Workshop: The Foundation to Operating a Profitable Business, which he will also present at Heartland Conference, June 13-15, 2022. 

The Vendor Connections event allowed for each vendor to have dedicated time with each attendee, giving attendees ideas to complement or diversify their existing portfolio of products. 

“The Vendor Connections event was one of the most exciting and successful sessions at Focus Conference,” Jensen said. “We know that our vendors have great products and business opportunities for our attendees. This was just one way we could make sure attendees could hear about each one of our vendor partners. Our intent was to have each person walk away with at least one new connection that they would not have otherwise had.” 

The second day featured eight education sessions with topics ranging from back-office operations, emotional intelligence, billing and reimbursement, lymphedema treatment, custom breast prosthetics, accreditation, and certification. 

“We’ve heard so much positive feedback about Focus Conference,” Jensen noted. “Many of these women have been working in their businesses due to staffing shortages, issues with supply chain, or other reasons. Focus is one way that our members are able to work on their business, focusing their attention on ways they can improve business operations, billing and reimbursement procedures, creating new business opportunities, and also connecting with other like-minded people from across the country.” 

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