CAIRE Expands Oxygen Portfolio in Brazil

The oxygen device maker’s Companion 5 and NewLife Intensity 10 stationary concentrators will become Available in the South American country in July.

Oxygen equipment manufacturer CAIRE Inc. will launch the Companion 5 and NewLife Intensity 10 stationary oxygen concentrators to the Brazilian healthcare market in July, following an anticipated approval by the Brazilian Health Regularity Agency (Anvisa).

“During the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic oxygen shortages throughout South America have underscored the need to expand CAIRE’s portfolio of equipment available to providers to serve patients prescribed oxygen as they are discharged from the hospital,” said Barry Hassett, vice president of Global of Marketing.

Currently, CAIRE products available in Brazil include the award-winning FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator, the clinically-proven Eclipse 5 transportable oxygen concentrator, and liquid oxygen (LOX) systems, including the Stroller portable and Liberator reservoir.

The Companion 5 is a 5 liters per minute (LPM) concentrator offering a small footprint and energy efficiency for the user. Global medical equipment providers frequently supply this concentrator to the respiratory patient along with the FreeStyle Comfort as a complete non-delivery solution for both active and in-home oxygen needs.

The durable, time-proven NewLife Intensity 10 has supported specialty applications in more than 100 countries. It offers up to 10 LPM and an output of 20 PSI. It is often paired with CAIRE’s SureFlow oxygen system, allowing healthcare workers to deliver oxygen to up to five patients simultaneously in clinical settings.  


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