Past HME Provider Pens Business Book

Retail HME trailblazer Wayne Slavitt had released a book written to help business owners sell their companies.

Former HME provider and an alum of the HME Business editorial advisory board Wayne Slavitt has recently published a book to help business owners who one day want to sell their companies.

A pioneer of retail-only HME, Slavitt was the founder and CEO of Mobül: The Mobility Store, which he established in Long Beach, Calif. in 2013. He then sold the business to Carlsbad, Calif.-based HME retailer Eppic Medical in 2020.

Slavitt’s book, “Run It Like You’ll Sell It: Adopting the Seller’s Mindset to Maximize the Value of Your Business,” offers a variety of insights, such as how to pinpoint business risks and maximize a sustainable cash flow, that ultimately prepare a business for sale. The book can be ordered online in both print and hardcover.

Slavitt currently runs The PrimeMark Group, a consulting firm that helps clients maximize their business value.


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