New Care-at-Home Tech Company Steps Out of ‘Stealth Mode’

Porter aims to create an ecosystem for connecting various entities in the care continuum, including HME providers, to help patients transition into home-based care.

Emerging from  Porter, a new healthcare IT company based in Miami, will soon offer a technology and service platform aimed at helping patients transition to home-based care by connecting the various players involved in the care continuum.

The idea for Porter sprang from founder and CEO John Criswell’s experience with the fragmented nature of transitioning to care-at-home after suffering a hip fracture in a mountain biking accident.

With an eye on simplifying that process and making it easier to navigate, Porter will use an AI-driven “Healthsphere” to guide patients through a tailored marketplace of services and products as well as coverage information, resources and services. The Healthsphere will connect members with payers, providers, partners and employers.

“We are tremendously proud of the work we’ve done at Porter prior to this important website launch,” Porter said. “Soon, Porter will introduce the Healthsphere to the everyday consumer, allowing them to easily navigate the transition to care-at-home.”

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