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Implementing Product Protection Plans in HME

The idea of offering product protection plans to HME patients might seem like new ground, but there are multiple reasons why they should consider them. Expert Sean Stapleton takes a deep dive.

Most providers probably aren’t too familiar with product protection plans, but there are some strong arguments in terms of revenue, patient loyalty, and continuity of care as to why they should consider offering them.

Sean Stapleton, the CEO of MedGuard Protection Plans, met up with HME Business at the recent Medtrade West (held April 4-6 in Phoenix) to talk about why product protection plans fit into HME providers’ retail businesses, what types of patients purchase product protection plans, how to integrate product protection plans into their businesses, and a lot more.

Additionally, Stapleton provides some details on a free April 26 webinar he’ll be presenting to HME Business readers.

Watch the full interview here:

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