Medtrade Moving to One Event in 2023

In response to attendee and exhibitor feedback, Medtrade West and Medtrade East will merge into a single HME industry conference and expo under the name Medtrade starting next year.

As providers congregate in Phoenix today for this week's Medtrade West conference and expo, events company Emerald has announced that it will consolidate to one Medtrade event starting in 2023.

This year, Medtrade will continue to operate Medtrade West, which runs April 4-6 in Phoneix, and Medtrade East, which runs Oct. 24-26 in Atlanta. Then the show will merge into a single annual conference and trade expo operating under the name Medtrade from 2023 onward.

The move was made in response to attendee and exhibitor feedback, according to Medtrade Show Director York Schwab.

“Medtrade is ultimately a reflection of the industry, and changes over the last decade make the move to one show the logical thing to do,” Schwab explained. “One show in a central location better mirrors the current state of the HME industry, and it represents a chance to unite the east and west under one banner.”

The date and location for the 2023 Medtrade event have not yet been finalized, but Schwab says those details should be available by this year’s Medtrade East. Schwab did say that, when it comes to location, Medtrade will not return to Atlanta and that the Medtrade team is considering centrally located, business friendly transportation hubs for the event’s host city.

Another of the key details for the event will be its length, with Medtrade officials considering either a three- or four-day event.

Ultimately, the move to one annual event should benefit the industry, said Sarah Varner, vice president of marketing for Medtrade.

“Our mission is to stage events that unite the HME industry, and having one annual event will help bring together buyers, sellers, and educators under one roof for the ultimate product and information sourcing event,” she explained. “… This is an opportunity for all stakeholders to channel their efforts into one event that can be much more impactful than two.”

Tom Ryan, president and CEO of the American Association for Homecare, which has a close relationship with the event, said he agreed with the change.

“Moving to a single show makes Medtrade stronger,” Ryan said. “I am confident this move will bolster attendee and exhibitor participation and will also lead to even stronger educational and networking opportunities at a single event on the calendar.

“AAHomecare remains fully committed to partnering with Medtrade to bring HME leaders together to learn from each other, help build their businesses, and to grow our capabilities to serve our communities,” Ryan added. “This is a move that AAHomecare and many major HME stakeholders have advocated for over the last few years, and I am excited by the potential for a single show to make Medtrade even more essential.”

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