Study Compares Various POCs

Georgia State University researchers compared the oxygen output of eight competitive devices, with CAIRE’s FreeStyle Comfort leading the results. More insights are available in a free HMEB webinar.

Researchers from Georgia State University have recently conducted a study designed to assess the effectiveness of various portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) in delivering oxygen to patients.

Researchers compared the oxygen output of eight competitive devices that currently comprise the majority of the portable oxygen therapy market, along with control group systems including a stationary oxygen concentrator and wall output oxygen similar to what a patient would receive in a clinical environment. Each device was assessed based on its ability to deliver oxygen in a variety of situations intended to model real-life use.

The study, “Comparison of portable oxygen concentrators using a COPD patient simulation model,” was conducted by Rachel Culbreth, Ph.D., MPH, RRT; Robert Murray, MS, RRT; Kyle Brandenberger, Ph.D.; Douglas S. Gardenhire, EdD, RRT, RRT-NPS, FAARC with the Department of Respiratory Therapy, Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

The performance results of the devices varied based on level of exertion and setting, but overall the FreeStyle Comfort from oxygen equipment maker CAIRE led the results in the GSU study. The study’s results showed that the FreeStyle Comfort achieved higher FiO2 compared to all other POCs in seven out of the eight scenarios.

“The FreeStyle Comfort was specifically designed to optimize oxygen delivery in situations where the patient is not at rest in order to enable them to comfortably enjoy life outside the home,” said Barry Hassett, vice president of global marketing. “This study confirms that the FreeStyle Comfort meets those objectives — ensuring patients get the oxygen they need when they need.”

Webinar on the Study

For an in-depth look at results from the study as well as its methodology, GSU’s Culbreth recently presented “Assessing the Effectiveness of POCs in the Current Marketplace,” an HME Business webinar that is available as a free webinar at

Presentations of the data were shared at the virtual 2021 Congresses hosted by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC). The GSU researchers will be publishing the accompanying white paper in a medical journal in the coming months.

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