Amoena Adds National Sales Trainer

Rachel Brown will leverage retail and fitting experience in her role helping the post-mastectomy product maker’s staff and provider partners.

Rachel Brown, CFm, has joined the management staff of post-mastectomy products maker Amoena USA Corp. as its National Sales Trainer.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Rachel to the Amoena team as our Education and Training Manager,” said Amoena President Kevin Ostwald. “Her direct field experience as a Certified Mastectomy Fitter and store manager of a mastectomy retailer gives her a real-life perspective that will be a valuable resource for all of our retail partners and new fitters.”

Brown managed a mastectomy boutique in Columbus, Ohio for nine years, handling everything from bra and breast form fittings to human resources. Oswalt said that experience would be “a real asset” in Brown’s work with boutique and DME owners in her role as educational manager.

Brown’s job description also includes developing a more robust online education program for retail partners, as well as keeping internal staff trained in the latest breast care innovations, surgery trends and company developments. Brown will serve both the U.S. and Canadian Amoena subsidiaries.

“She’s uniquely qualified,” Oswalt added. “We’re working with our global leadership in Training and Education to really grow this part of our company culture.”

Amoena offers a year-round Pre-Certification Fitter Training as its flagship educational product, hosting both in-person and virtual seminars to train new fitters and provide continuing education to certified fitters. The company also maintains a quarterly webinar series covering both product and business topics, like managing insurance claims and Medicare in the mastectomy space.

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